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    Do you think a rescue would rehome to me?

    Hi I would wholeheartedly recommend this charity:, they are based in Edinburgh. We have the most wonderful dog from there and they are pretty sensible to everyone's 'real' lives, the rehoming officer is straight forward and practical, I can't recommend them enough.
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    Looking for help/ideas on what is going on with my collie.

    When our dog started changing her behaviour from being a strong confident lady to one that shook with anxiety/fear when out on a walk for no obvious reason, I went to see a lady called Samantha Lindley at Broadleys vets in Stirling, she's a behaviourist and pain specialist who got to the bottom...
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    I may be wrong but I think I saw soft soap in my local m&s the other day........... May go back for a look
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    sourcing haylage in and around Glasgow area

    Timage haylage is near Stirling, £6.50 a bale bit bigger than horseage......... I've used them when I needed some recently, they've got plenty, all different bale sizes too
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    Can you purchase a Weatherbeeta neck cover separately?

    I got one from Equestrian Clearance, it wasn't the lightweight one but they might still be your best bet. Hope this helps :)
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    Blair Horse Trials

    Hi asset2004 have PM'd you about the parking pass...need it from Thursday so if its still available can we arrange payment and super quick posting? Thanks
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    Has anyone else considered planning a pregnancy around riding??!!

    Think I will probably try to do this, again not in any rush to test this out mind!! I don't ride much in the winter so would plump (boom boom) for this to be the most pregnant time then have an early spring baby to be able to get both it and me out for the an ideal
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    Tell me about Connemaras please

    Since buying my Mum one a few years ago I promised myself they would be the next pony I got, so two years ago I bought a lovely Kirtle Connemara yearling from the Hodges in Lockerbie who, if I am totally honest, I picked on gut feeling and I thank god I did as he is the nicest, cheekiest (now) 3...
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    Mud fever

    Just wondered what people do with horses that live out 24/7 that have got mudfever? Mine has got scabs around the sides of his fetlock not at the back on his heels, they are crusty (not red or weeping), he comes in each day for about 8 hours so this would be the time I would treat him. Keeing...
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    CALMERS -why??

    This is very interesting, I feed magnesium oxide as a mineral (much more cost effective this way), try . I find it a good addition to his diet and cheap to feed. He is barefoot, lives out all year (comes in for a haynet for a few hours in winter), and is as happy...
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    Feeding advice for ponies that live out for the winter

    Thanks guys, I thought I was on the right lines but you know sometimes when you swither....well I had one of the times this mornnig. They are looking just right just now and they can have hay in the field when the weather turns, our grass is still growing a little bit so no need to put hay in...
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    Feeding advice for ponies that live out for the winter

    I am looking for some advice on what/if anything I should be thinking about adding to my ponies diet. They are living out in Scotland, one native 2yr unrugged, the other 12yr old PBA (rugged) (who has had laminits in the past due to steroid injections) so have them both on a low sugar diet...
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    Para Olympic dressage tickets

    Just checked and I got all four stoked! Just need to not tell Mum until her birthday in January......that's the hard part! Can't wait to see our riders in the flesh, am very inspired by them and am more excited about this than I am about the able bodied Olympic dressage.....
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    Para Olympic dressage tickets

    Me too! Hopefully its for all 4 sessions I went in for....I cannot wait! Its a surprise birthday present for Mum next year (and as shes now an OAP her tickets were half price at £5 each so total bargain)
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    NFU insurance premium hikes - what was your reaction?

    I got my renewal through from them last month and they wanted to add £20 to my premium so I phoned them and got a pretty standard it seems for them at the moment response giving me the distinct impression they weren't bothered about keeping me or to be honest any equine clients. I shopped...