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    Moody and Biting

    How long have you had her? It could be she’s coming back into season
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    Napping/planting help!!!

    You could try bringing someone on a bike and going first/ having them lead and go off or behind as he starts feeling braver.
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    Outdoor halter storage

    Can also put Hooks on the back if you use a box so it can be hung on the fence and easily moved
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    Bullying on livery yards....

    Like another poster I’m also autistic and as such do try to keep to myself as much as possible. Only been on 2 yards to date but last one was awful. Horse ridden without my knowledge, cliques controlled by Y/O, a group chat where you were publicly shamed to all on yard (and some of y/o’s...
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    Clever shoppers - belts!

    It’s an app where people sell second hand clothes, although some companies have pages for their seconds. They have this one in a few sizes but the leather is marked, I’ve bought from them through Depop with no problems so can vouch that it’s safe!
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    Clever shoppers - belts!

    If you have Depop, pioneros has a page where they sell their seconds that could have something you’d like?
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    Brushing Boot Recommendations

    As title really. Pony will need turning out in brushing boots for the foreseeable future and I’m paranoid about them holding water! TIA :)
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    My Horse is an Idiot

    And I know I can’t be the only one! Don’t get me wrong, I love all his quirks as he’s such a genuine lad really. But despite having show-jumped over a metre, he finds ground poles unbelievably stressful. He’s getting there but his brain just shuts down looking at them? Apart from that is the...
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    Livery yards

    Anybody know of any livery yards in the Norfolk/ Suffolk/ Cambridgeshire border area? Will consider all types of livery and becoming increasingly desperate! Tia.
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    3.5T horsebox and payload

    I’m always recommending ww trading. Very safe boxes, they show you the entire reinforcing process to prove box safety, and will build for a 1200kg payload which as others have said you’d need to realistically travel two. Plus owner Billy is lovely :)
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    Advice please

    Not the same but similar enough to be worth mentioning, my mare was an absolute a** for months, wasn’t like her at all and we tried every pain route we could think of and found nothing, got so close to giving up when it turned out she’d trapped a nerve in her hindquarters (Can’t Remember...
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    Equitrek horse boxes

    I’d recommend WW trading in Norfolk. May be a bit far but delivered anywhere in UK, and start at 15k + vat now I think. Seem cheap but man building them is honestly just a sweetheart and shows you the whole process inc. reinforcement of box, etc. Ours is perfect. :)
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    Silly youngster moments

    My 5 y/o has successfully jumped 1m a tracks, but I have yet to convince him trotting poles aren’t going to kill him! I’m starting to question if it will always be a quirk he will have, he just cannot cope with those scary coloured things on the floor. Most recently we have learned that wheelie...
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    Which horse would you buy?

    I’d retry 2 and see how she feels. When one of mine went lame I was offered a ride on something that I took and swore I’d give back the second mine was sound as we didn’t get on that much. By the time mine came sound I was so in love we’d bought it, so I think it’s worth another try especially...
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    Help name my horse!

    Jeune fille roux?