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    Your Winter Daily routine?

    Mine live out in 13 acres so this is my routine at the moment. Upto the yard at 7. Fetch in the one to groom, tack up and work. Then cool down, groom, feed both horses and then back out they go. Back home for 8:45 for work at 9am. That's it!
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    Planning for some mares sharing field with geldings

    My YO's notified me that two mares are coming to the yard. I asked if they would be separate from ours which they explained they would be initially in another fenced off paddock but explained that their owners want them to go in with my geldings ideally straight away. I'm not massively pleased...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I have average GCSEs, had a baby aged 18 then went on to do a degree in Law and a Master's in Social Work. I've been a Child Protection Social Worker for 2 years and just looking at a complete career change. Although the money is OK the job is soul destroying at times. I've owned horses since I...
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    Fly rug recommendations

    The Equilibrium one has a good write up with Your Horse. Premier Equine look to be generous around the shoulders too.
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    Stirrups under £80?

    These look a good imitation but I'm wondering if they would work as well.
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    Stirrups under £80?

    I was just about to ask the same question. I've been looking at these from Belgium recommended by H&H
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    Wwyd re yard move

    Thanks for your suggestions. There's other horses on the main field already and yo has said I can make them have their own field if necessary and can always bring them in during risky times.
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    Wwyd re yard move

    We also have a convalescence paddock that I'm sure the yo wouldn't mind us using.
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    Wwyd re yard move

    Yeah I would be able to have them in during the day in spring/summer. So I would have a weanling and a rising 3 year old (3 in the autumn)
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    Wwyd re yard move

    Not suitable for a naughty cob boy who thinks electric fencing is the crystal maze whether it's on or not.
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    Wwyd re yard move

    No grass at all, overcrowded fields and paying too much for not a good enough service imo. I've done pros and cons the new place has more pros but i don't want to start getting any lami issues, neither have ever had it so don't know if there's any issues that may come along eventually.
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    Wwyd re yard move

    I've found a lovely place to move to, I'm just a bit anxious because the place I'm at now is relatively bare as far as grazing is concerned whereas this new place has good grazing for equines (old racing yard) which could be slightly too good once my two cob geldings are fully grown although I...
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    Why are there no good livery yards?

    In my experience livery yards have good and bad aspects, the best option is owning/ renting your own land. What's ticking my off at the moment is seeing my yard advertise for grass livery when there's no flipping grass left! We have to hay all year round.
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    How much bigger did your youngster get after 2?

    Interesting thread! Op my traditional cob very similar to yours is a late baby to make 14.2 and is currently 2.5 years and the same height as yours too. I bought him last July as a yearling and the amount of growing and changing he's done between then and now is unbelievable. Vet estimated 14hh...
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    Show you your cygnet to swan transformations

    Ghost in February this year, apparently all of the most recent photos are too large!