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    Would you expect a YO to be able/willing to remove a shoe?

    That's very bad form! I would be annoyed too that they had not done something about it!
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    Saddle Fitting Problems!

    Where are you based? Have you had full vet checks etc? Saddle fit can be blamed for all of lifes ills but in many cases there is something else going on as well and the saddle may be making things worse but not be the sole cause of the problems.
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    Would you expect a YO to be able/willing to remove a shoe?

    No I would not expect that of a YO, I would however expect them to have got a farrier there pronto to do the removal though. Is removing a shoe in the stage 2 curriculum now? It wasnt when I did my stages although that was over 20 years ago now
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    Second weekend of August plans!

    Lovely pics sheep
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    New neighbors horses pooping everywhere

    This 100% You tried talking to the riders and they ignored so I would go to the yard owner and ask that they come and clean up at least once a week or whatever arrangement you come to Thank you on behalf of all riders that you allow horses to cross your land as many dont
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    Dressage Interesting interview with chief rider if the Spanish Riding School about training and competition

    I think it's always good to try early at least. I've taught quite a few over the years although with M we tried early on and changed in front but not behind (not late just carried on in cross canter until he lost his balance) so we decided to wait until he was a bit more established and had...
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    Lameness - with video

    Wow thanks for sharing the video, I wouldn't have known that was potential cellulitis so good to have a reference. I hope your horse picks up soon
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    Second weekend of August plans!

    Lovely video jiffy and great pic sheep, sounds like lots of worthwhile trips out so far. M is doing really well, he is bouncing back and his topline is coming back too which is nice to see. I misjudged our hacking time a bit this morning, was aiming for 45 mins but my route actually took an...
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    Any pictures of Haflinger x ID?

    So funny! Thanks for the update though, she looks lovely
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    Human: Osteo or Chiro? Posture!

    I use a physio who uses some manipulation techniques as well. The right type of exercise is also very helpful, I use a combination of weights, cardio, stretching and mobilisation which seem to stave off the stiffness whilst keeping me strong
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    Saddle Fitting Cost

    Schleese know how to charge that's for sure :)
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    Any pictures of Haflinger x ID?

    Hopefully she will look like her full sibling who is very adorable! Haflingers are all chestnut by the way, not palomino :)
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    Saddle fitting - for the rider

    Rider comfort is paramount but importantly it should be that the rider is comfortable whilst sitting in the correct position and shoulder - hip - heel alignment. Some saddles will be very comfortable but not allowing the correct position and this is when you see things like chair seats etc -...
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    Vet Distance

    My local one who does injections and minor injury first aid response is 9 miles away. Proper equine vet is 65 miles although a new one has opened up less than 20 miles away but they are just setting up with equipment etc. I might try them next time I have something specific that needs looking at
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    After a long ride

    I loosen the girth 1 hole at the end of every ride regardless of type of riding or length of ride. sometimes I hop off to walk off as well