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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Had a great lesson and the physio all clear so no physical reason for the rearing so will carry on slowly for now. Then turn away later once established in walk and trot
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    I was kinda hoping a highland would be easier she is supposed to be taking the reins from the old girl who is mostly perfect. I am working through it. I am not a fan of lunging but have started to lunge her so I can get her down and circles quickly. We do less than 5 minutes each way and she is...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Don't worry about hermosa she's not far behind kitten who is still making only tiny amounts of progress as she has opinions on everything and if it's not for her at that moment she rears. It has and continues to be her default. Was hoping she would outgrown it by now but it's entrenched. Anyone...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Having had a major melt down at the county show in hand, we have finally made a little progress being ridden her default was to rear not saying its sorted as only been ridden 3 times but so far so good. Different saddle too as the one the saddle fitter fitted upset her so now on the look out for...
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    What consitutes a 5 or 10* home?

    5 star home is one where they have 365 day turnout preferrably 24/7 but would concede a few stars for in/out 365 day a year. the duvet day brigade would have me racing to the hills as would those who call horses their babies. That would be my top priority then the ability to know that anything...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Can anyone reccomend a good trainer for Kitten her current one is great but not consistent and personally I think she needs a few weeks to get walk and trot established on a daily basis but I am so out of the loop I no longer have a clue where to start
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    Improving leisure horse welfare

    Think everyone is pretty much singing from the same script but arguing the extremes of which there will always be advocates. Horses in general with some medical exceptions should have the 5 freedoms and yes all horses should have turnout for hours in every 24. Again there are a very few...
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    Mares v geldings

    I prefer mares wouldn't own another gelding. Never know when the mares are in season so guess it doesn't affect them. Never had one that was difficult in any way geldings on the other hand have been gits
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    Elecric fencing Posts & reels etc

    I use uk country store too everything is excellent value and good quality and for about a pound extra comes next day. the delivery has only ever been3 days from order
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    What have you forgotten to take to a show

    Seen a few people drive off with their dog tied to the wheel arch when leaving the show with everyone yelling and dancing in front of them. think the ony thing I have forgotten has been the in hand head gear so had to show in a headcollar
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    Are single dogs happy?

    Willow stays on her own if we go out sometimes for about 8 hours if we are out with family it is rare but she doesn't bother just sleeps
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    Are single dogs happy?

    He is a very lucky boy my dog would hate to share her humans
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    Find me some long reins

    Webbing ones here they're light and not too long got them from a pony website
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    Just getting around to sitting on Kitten been leading her around today with a rider on board but noticed she is pulling odd faces while moving almost like she is pinching her lips and nose. I expect it is tension but it looks really odd. Is this normal or should I recheck stuff again
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    Competing at the GYS

    What drives me nuts is people standing in the warm up watching either using the horse as a sofa or not aware of the moving animals. Mostly in the wh which means it's dangerous