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    XC boots for the SJ phase?

    Hi guys, Quick question.... can we use usual XC boots in the SJ phase? I am very concerned that for the SJ he has his studs in, and wearing open fronted tendon boots on a over excited lunatic may be a disaster. Sometimes it is just me at the competition and literally only have enough time to...
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    Boot recommendations?

    Tonight when I was doing some free jumping with my pony noticed he was landing quite hard (18 years old but over jumps out of sheer excitement) He always wears tendon boots but they don’t seem quality and I’m worried they’re not providing adequate protection, I also heard his shoes catching...
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    What boots do I get ?? Help

    Okay so I’m currently in the market for some new boots they need to be waterproof and strong I work 46 hours a week on a yard with light hacking and lots of yard work and than I go and look after my own horse going through fields etc but I change to leather boots for proper riding I’m looking...
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    What’s boots to buy? (Country boots,muckers etc)

    Hi so I’m currently in the market for some new everyday boots I bought the Dublin river 111 boots last year and after a year of wearing them almost evey day and never cleaning them they have cracked and the sole has worn out work atleast 45 hours a week on a yard which means I need boots that...
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    Boots rubbing

    I recently bought a pair of the equilibrium tri-sport impact hind boots and I love them. They are the most breathable boots I’ve found which are a must as my mare is coming back from a ligament injury. Frustratingly she’s a fine skinned tb who gets rubs very easily and these hind boots are...
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    Jodhpur boot recommendations

    Hi everyone, I’ve been riding for over 20 years and have always only ever bought cheap riding short boots. In Jan I treated myself to some Ariat yard boots as my old ones gave up and oh my goodness the difference is insane! I now want to invest in some good short boots for riding in. From...