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    Competition Horses out 24/7?

    my 4 live out and compete fine. I do restrict grass tho
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    Winter training - what are your plans and goals?

    nothing...mine get the winter hackig out as no facilities... gives time for mirco injuries to heal....
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    hoof supplements - ingredients and recommendations

    forage plus. TB daily essentials. pro balance. don't neglect the majority of the diet- forage should be meadow grasses if poss and not sprayed with chemicals....
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    two weeks into being barefoot, how long to give it?

    look into diet and the way the feet are needing to be trimmed- ie no sole or frog trimmed. diet- avoid pretty much all commercial feeds (full of fillers, chemicals etc) and give meadow grass/ hay. agrobs and TB are good feeds and forage plus do good mineral and vitamins. hoof boots will help...
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    Would you and do you turn out on rough frozen ground?

    mine live out so yes.mine lot live out so yes. I think you must decide to carry on as usual and turnout or keep in until the ground is completely safe/ soft. turnout after a few days in because its lasting longer than expected is too risky for legs getting hurt with fresh horses playing after...
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    Too cold to ride? Yay or nay

    if I had safe ground to ride on, id be riding!
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    When to keep horses in?

    mine are out naked still 24/7... so unless it gets flooded they wont be in. rugged if its very very cold and wet as they do get chilled then. but pretty much dry cold they are fine with. no clipped obv. I think with icy and frozen ground you are best either turnout daily/ as usual or keeping in...
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    What weight rugs are yours wearing?

    out naked, unclipped (last was sept/ oct at latest and well grown out.) all comp/ sport horses on winter hacking break. adlib hay v important for internal heat provided.
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    symptoms for anyone whos horse has had ulcers, ks or hormone....

    she scoped clear. gg reduced down v slowly. I kept on ranitidine for 3 weeks after
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    Ulcers/Fibre Beet/Fast Fibre/Wits End HELP!!

    TB chaff. forage plus. hay must be meadow grasses as per prev post. add copra if needs more condition.
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    Ulcer friendly feed for good doer?? Advice please!

    tb chaff. forage plus. I used ulsax from TB too but ive ran out and not noticed any difference. mine lives out, adlib meadow hay
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    Hoof boots - anyone tried Swiss Galopper?

    I use scoots but the swiss look good....found some that fit my 4yo so I may splash out based on the info here
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    24/7 turnout for completely clipped horse. help!

    a good rug and adlib forage.
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    Feet xrays - foot balance, long toes and low heels

    my mares heels improved with reducing the height of the toe and exercise in pads and boots......
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    Feet xrays - foot balance, long toes and low heels

    mine had an area of suspect damage on the deep digi tendon on a hind and some inflammation on the front proximal suspensories.....