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    Sharers who work rota hours jobs?

    I ride a lovely horse in return for helping out with owner's other horses too (on her own yard). I let her know when I'm available and we work it out between us as we are both working variable hours. I would never be able to commit to certain days as it just wouldn't work with my hours.
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    Fun who would you send your horse to

    Haha! Brilliant image. (edited to add: glad you and pony not harmed in the incident).
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    Recording Weg Sky have a red button channel

    Ohhh I love being able to watch red button, it's great! Just wish they'd tone down the commentary, the music is way more important during the freestyle! (I always moan about this lol).
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    School master lessons

    I would certainly love to be able to have a lesson on a school master round here!
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    Eventing...Blasts from the Past!!!!

    Gosh yes, so neat! Just come across pics of Briarlands Pippin's fall at Badminton :( Absolutely brilliant site though, thanks so much for sharing, OP! I know I'll end up wasting a good few hours on there!!!
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    Favourite horses from this years Badminton.....

    Gosh yes, Universe looks such an elastic bouncy ball of a horse! Absolutely beautiful too, I'd love to just look at him. I adored Billy Beware, what a brave horse. Beltane Queen looked like she was having a ball, and King Eider is just wonderful.
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    Badminton thread!

    This has been the weirdest day. Absolutely bizarre.
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    Badminton thread!

    I feel so upset for WFP and Parklane Hawk, they were so close to the finish and that horse is so wonderful :(
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    Badminton thread!

    Absolutely, didn't look rushed and the horse was full of running at the end. Very smooth.
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    Badminton thread!

    Plenty of contenders for the Glentrool trophy this year :P
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    Badminton thread!

    Surprised Tiana Coudray is still showing on the score board as clear... surely she should have 20pens for that corner that she ran past...?
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    Badminton thread!

    Serena Russell.
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    Badminton thread!

    Two Tone Tyrone?
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    Badminton thread!

    Coloured horses: Bounty Hunter, Park Pilot, Tip Top Tiger, there's a few others recently too but I'll have to have a think!
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    Badminton thread!

    Skip On was very clever there at the lake wasn't he, what a good horse.