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    Share your tiny happinesses

    OH is making me a cup of tea.
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    Reassure me...

    I did consider it, but the grass is too long and she’s very sensitive about having things around/touching her muzzle.
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    Reassure me...

    Thank you. I’m done in. Mare in foul mood. We just have to make it to Saturday. Then I can worry about her getting colic from the stress of the move 🙄
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    Reassure me...

    A frustrating situation at my yard now means that I have no grazing for one of my horses. She’s a tubby native pony. I can (and do) graze her in-hand and can get her out for a leg-stretch at each end of the day but she’s a good candidate for laminitis and she had an impaction colic about 5mths...
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    Am hopefully going to view a 3.5t in about 10 days’ time. It has a semi-automatic gearbox. I’ve never driven anything semi-auto before. Does anyone on here have one? What are they like and what should I expect?
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    suggestions on bits?

    If you’re happy riding with two reins, try something with a curb. No need to change the mouthpiece if the horse is happy in it, but a curb might give you something more in those ‘oh ****’ moments.
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    Boots for stumpy legs

    I know. I am tottering about on some serious heel risers...!
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    Boots for stumpy legs

    Nope. I decided that I really should try to get on with the Ariats that have been sitting in a cupboard for a year. Consequently, I can tell you not to bother with the short height Heritage Contours 🙄
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    Has it begun?

    My FB feed is awash with horses for loan and owners looking for sharers. It doesn’t seem so long ago that every other post was someone looking for loans/shares to ride. Is this the start of the horse-price-downturn that we’ve all been predicting?
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    Bit advice wanted.

    From what you describe, I’d say the skinnier the bit, the better. What size is he? The NS pony bits go up to a 5”. Otherwise, I second what others have suggested: a ported bar. A cheap and cheerful magic snaffle would be a good starting point.
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    When you play with Millie lurcher.......

    Every terrier has an inner Scrappy Doo. It escapes at least four times a day...
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    Double bridle reins - how do you hold yours

    Snaffle in the usual place, curb above. I broke my little finger on my left hand playing rugby and as was traditional, went to the pub afterwards rather than to A&E. There’s absolutely no strength now in that finger and it’s agony to have a rein around the outside of it.
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    Yard owners - what would you do in this situation?

    Can you corral the gateway? It at least takes away the stress of potentially having horses charging the gate/getting loose. Would it work to let bolshy horse into corral with horse that was intended to come in, put bolshy horse back into field, close corral, take intended horse out of field?
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    Rug recommendations

    As a quick postscript to this thread, an Amigo Hero fits her nicely. So if anyone is interested in a Maxima Equestrian rain sheet in 6’3”, let me know... 🙄
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    Drawing tongue back

    I have a mare who will try to ‘lift’ the bit and fiddle with it when she gets anxious. Never puts her tongue over, but she’s definitely drawing it up. A ported Mullen with fixed cheeks (we actually use a bog-standard kimblewick with the reins on the snaffle) has helped immensely.