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    Is this reasonable?

    no its not .............. your going to be using the shoes not her !!
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    Leaping through the air!

    my new coloured cob does this too his is naghtyness lol as wants to be in the lead
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    Do you give your farrier

    yes a big bottle of whisky he deserves it :}
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    Horse missing after hunting - URGENT request for help/information

    hope he is found safe and sound
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    RIP both men and all horses

    rip xx
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    Livery Cost Result

    lucky you what great news :}
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    Thanks for your advice now you can meet my new girl

    she looks very nice enjoy her :}
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    Do you need a licence to transport other people's horses in your lorry

    she needs a transporters licence. she cannot transport for money without one. if she gets caught she could have her lorry seized
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    Having your own lorry/using someone else's lorry - thoughts please?

    i can borrow a friends lorry anytime . i leave the same amount of diesel or just over. and i always leave a "drink" in the glovebox !!
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    *Drum roll* Here she is!!

    is her dad skandabear ?
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    small yard needed asap tendring essex area

    anyone ??????????? someone must know of something lol
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    What am I doing Wrong?

    link to ads ? wat type of foals ? need more info :}
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    Some piccys of my boy today!

    they are to sell see her previous post
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    Some piccys of my boy today!

    thought it was 995
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    Some piccys of my boy today!

    well said jmo7 £400 ? that much ?