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    Livery yards or field with stables Banbury

    Hi thanks for the reply but think she has found somewhere now. I know south newington and I wouldn't fancy riding on those roads
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    Livery yards or field with stables Banbury

    Tysoe only had 1 space, did say if she could hold out spaces may become available in the next couple of months at other yards so she's joined the waiting list for a couple..
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    Livery yards or field with stables Banbury

    Thanks for them, she is at one of those yards at the moment and few of the others don't have space for 3 at present. Which is why also asking for private fields with stables, not too fussed about either side of Banbury but would prefer Broughton, Shutford, Hanwell directions if that makes...
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    Livery yards or field with stables Banbury

    Hi On the search again for a friend, looking for a livery yard or fields with stables to rent for 2 mares and 1 gelding close to Banbury.. if you could help or point me in the right direction that will be great x
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    Ariat Grasmere Boots

    I just rinse mine off and then treat with Dubbin, had them 11 months still waterproof and no cracks (touch wood) so must be doing something right
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    I'm engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations x
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    Your horse live

    I'm going on the Saturday , can't wait to see Carl and shop shop shop.. plus Hovis
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    Riding Lessons nr Banbury Oxfordshire

    Hi try Radway riding school, after a very long break I used this school to get back into the swing of things. Know quite a few people who use this school, including one girl from our yard who has jumping lessons whilst her own horse is in rehab work after steroid injections...
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    What breed of horse are YOU?

    Think I would be a welshie chestnut with flaxen mane and tail , full of naughtiness and attitude. However people who I love and care about I would go the extra mile for. Bouncy and full of life, very easy to care for, just mind how much I stuff my face as have the ability to gain a few pounds.
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    DIY Livery near Chacombe (Banbury Area)

    Hi if your still looking and don't mind the other side of Banbury, please check out
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    HHO'ers - Fancy getting behind me ??

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    CROWN - A New Unaffiliated Riding Club!

    Lovely people and club has some exciting things coming up
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    Kinpurnie Deluxe boots

    not the same but I ordered the Kinpurnie highland, lovely boots but wish I had gone a size smaller as the 4's drown me and have to wear thick socks...
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    HHO horsey weekend, a musing!

    Also only just seen this, would love to come and meet fellow HHO members. Maybe not with the ponio as got to work on her travelling
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    jockeys wives ?

    just spat tea everywhere with that ha ha