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    Grass is growing!

    Yep my 16. 3 warmblood is currently muzzled as the grass flush which normally hits us in October and upsets her gut, is delayed this year and just hit in the last week or so. Plus we have two lami ponies on the yard showing issues
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    Yard choices ?! Feeling depressed

    No way would I cross the A27 at Sompting on a horse and people who say knock on doors, there must be yards etc etc obviously don't know the area. Tough choice, but I'd be more inclined to widen your area and have a longer drive to your horse than have to cross that road. It's becoming ever...
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    Not sure how much more I can take.

    Stop being a doormat to the detriment of your horse. If other horse is in field out of its allotted time, get it in, inform YO its a chargeable service as you work for them and put your horse out. If the other livery kicks off, that's her problem not yours and just ignore her or calmly refer her...
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    Horse loosing his best friend

    I had to let my old girl go this summer, one of my major stresses had been how my other 11 year old mare would cope as she had been with my old girl mostly just the two of them in a field since she was 18 months old. I dreaded her reaction as they were incredibly close and she can be very...
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    Failed vetting - decisions decisions!

    If you are willing to wait, just tell the owner you are still interested as and when the horse is sound again and ready for new vetting. Owners problem as to whether they have their vet and investigations. Your problem is deciding whether to wait and whether to trust the result of a potential...
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    Refund from Farrier

    Personally none of it is a subject for texts, I'd pick the phone up and actually talk to him. I think you are being unreasonable, he's offered a partial refund. Just because he couldn't complete the job was not his fault. I do feel for you as the yard sounds hell, but then hell freezing over...
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    Thank you both. Yes please chaps89. I have a few enquiries in to people a bit nearer but am collecting as much info as possible.
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    Yep that's what I'm thinking Landcruiser, just want to check all options before most likely sticking out on ebay as a project
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    West Sussex near Worthing. Amy recommendations gratefully received. I've had a few from elsewhere which I'm following up.
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    Thank you, yes saw article on that earlier. At the moment most likely it will be advertised as is (honestly) for project or scrap, but am just seeing if I can get a 2nd quote to compare first. Even if its slightly less it could be worth doing as the actual body of the vehicle is in good...
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    Thank you for reply. I'd expect that amount for the tyres, just not informed enough to know if £5k+ is realistic for all the work or if I can maybe get it done cheaper with a mechanic more used to these old boxes. If it's less it is more worth doing and keeping the box for longer, but...
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    Thank you 😊 I am not in any position to do the work myself, complete and utter idiot on that kind of thing, but I would like to know if its worth shopping around for a more open minded mechanic and getting it back up to spec and passed Mot or sell now as a project. Annoyingly was vaguely...
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    Daf Lorry woes / advice - fuel tank

    R reg old DAF 45 lorry been for its pre Mot inspection and monumentally failed 🙈 Garage say upwards of £5k work needed. This does include 3 new tyres and front brake discs, plus adjustments to rear brakes, some other bits and pieces but main one is replacement fuel tank. Garage say no...
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    Almost at my wits end

    Look up Calm Healthy Horses. Adding Graze-ezy to my mares feed which helps with high potassium in grazing has been a god send. The horse I knew was there came back and I've now been through a whole year with no serious 'defcon' moments. Magnesium etc doesn't touch her and can make her...
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    Livery dispute advice

    Jeez you need to have your own place on your own. My niece's new horse went out with my two mares and my sister's boy on arrival. All fine for a month or so till hormones took over. He mounted my old girl and she had a few bites and scratches, but also ended up with a nasty cut from a kick...