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    Can a horse die of colic in one hour...? I smell a rat...

    Complete large colon twists can die very quickly...not sure if that quick (it's too stupid an hour for my brain to function)
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    Is it ok just to walk and trot on hacks?

    its absolutly fine, our pair know theres two hacks, the sensible plod along...or the mad yee ha. they love each, relaxing plod when we need to blther, or the sppedy cantering alot when cold. uup until a few months ago i was the same as u. totally lost confidence with kala, she has no brakes...
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    show rugs

    I'm planning to get my best friend a new show rug for her mare, any recommendations? Im going to get her name and mares name put on it but want a decent one.
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    Colic again - just back from yard!

    haha glad i cheered u up but its true hes more tempramental than me. but the RS threat works a treat, shouted it tot the anglo the last time she started dancing her back legs at a horse eating carrier "i swear horse either put four feet back on the ground or your off to the ******* riding...
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    Colic again - just back from yard!

    he can move up here when u jet off, he sounds as high maintainence as me....we would get on fab!!!! oh and our senior assistant got her gun licence thing im off, need to try and get some sleep b4 2mrw. ring me if any problems with his lordship, will text u my new number to make sure u have...
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    Colic again - just back from yard!

    bless maybe he's into that sort of thing....however one mustn't discuss such things on a family forum lol. he's more than welcome up here, im looking for a challenge...however a challange of ginger propertions may be a little much. think i will stick to my new toy....the 17hh WB. how are the...
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    Colic again - just back from yard!

    THAT FCUKING HORSE I MIGHT HAVE BLOODY KNOWN IT WAS TIME FOR HIS BELLY ACHE AGAIN....funnyly enough my belly aches the reason im still awake dougie x
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    can anyone tell me about irap therapy?

    we offer it at our clinic, PM if you like
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    Winter Blues or something else - totally lacking interest!

    i had a fab ride this afternoon. we could watch the river bursting its banks.....but we done some lovely canter work. Horse was very well behaved...well extemly forward going as she was cold so wanted to canter constantly
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    Scottish Horse Fair

    we were through today, shoping was pretty pants...the stallion parade cringe worthy demo's by andrew and ian were really good....and the carriage driving
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    Reaction to flu/tet vaccination ??

    should be fine, keep an eye that swelling doesnt increase and abscess. next time he needs flu + tet, get them given seperatley its the binding agent that causes most reactions. and not wanting to start the vaccinating argument again but if you have seen a horse with tetanus u would always...
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    Dogs with items stuck in throat

    firstly try retiving said item with ur hand...possibly nit the best way but silly vizsla creature is forever eating things he shouldnt so its second nature for him to get my hand down his throat. failing that and if miles from vet and dog going blue...u can try pushing the item down the throat...
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    Dogs on a yard

    stupid vizsla creature got chased by a 17.2hh chestnut warmblood the other night, galloped after him in the field, cornered him against the hedge, had to lean over gate and lift him over. needless to i wasnt sympathetic when clipping said horse that night. the vizsla loves hacking out with us
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    Anyone had a horse with a condition know as 'megaoesophagus'

    horses can get it, we have one in at the clinic at the moment who had a huge choke.
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    *bangs head against wall*

    5 days of panacur followed by an equest pramox will remove any little bugs. and its not expensive if some were to land in a feed and in her stable