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    The loose horse in Wiltshire?

    Horse has been found and reunited with owner. Don't know any more details.
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    Poopost worm counts

    discovered this firm recently. £5.50 inc p&p for 1 worm count kit and £9 inc p&pfor 2 kits .cheaper for more.Comes with very good explanatory leaflet." The test is performed using the industry standard modified McMaster counting method , in duplicate......etc". Thought...
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    Bedding- rape plant

    thanks all I think I;ll be giving it a try
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    Bedding- rape plant

    anyone use this bedding? do they eat it? is it high in sugar ?
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    feeding straw

    thanks i'll take a look
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    Is my pony too fat?!

    WHW etc usually have videos on you tube about condition scoring. watching those and then CS your pony will tell you if its too fat or not.
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    WHW and BHS

    WHW and the BHS use the same insurers its SEIB for both...…. but cheaper with WHW.
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    Oat straw chaff for weight control

    iasked on a local FB page if anyone had any oat straw in small bales to sell. had several replies.
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    Oat straw chaff for weight control

    I mix mine 50:50 with Dengie healthy hooves. they wolf it down. they also now have oat straw in their hay rack they wernt keen at first but once they get a taste for it they eat it. if they do not they are not hungry enough. straw weights lighter than hay on a leaf for leaf basis. mixing up to...
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    Online tack shops that offer next day delivery?

    Barnstormers ring them and ask for next day
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    I'm really enjoying this series .
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    WHW and BHS

    I have recently cancelled my BHS membership. It was only for the insurance that I was a member. WHW also do insurance and its with SEIB and is cheaper than the BHS. . Am disheartened at the accusations of bullying and the buying of that horse box so have voted with my feet and have left.
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    they are in the newspapers and social media, small fox cubs being thrown to the hounds.
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    When I was growing up all the magazines I read and most books I learned from upheld hunting as the pinale of horsemanship . Going hunting was something to strive for to have "made it" once you became a hunt member. It held up good manners, tradition ambition. So what has gone wrong? those photos...