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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    "Is there an experienced equestrian looking for a loan horse over the winter initially, maybe longer. He's 15.1hh 9yrs old Green only just doing his canter work just now, absolutely not for a novice rider although safe for a competent person and not nasty at all! Has some quirks but these are...
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    Do you take your horses out and about on your own?

    The lack of self-awareness is strong with this lot . . .
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    Ashe Horse Dealer - Central Scotland - experiences

    If you're on facebook look them up on the dodgy dealer pages. But in short . . Don't.
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    Pictures I might be biased but...

    She's beautiful. x
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    'Flu case in Central Scotland

    There are two confirmed cases in Leicestershire that are reported as being newly arrived from Scotland. So its possible that its those that are being referred to. I wish they stated where in Scotland they were newly arrived from!
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    Counting my blessings this morning!

    Urg! What a start to the morning! Glad they are all safe x
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    What is this?????

    The picture it apparently most closely resembles is a chambered nautilius . . . . . . . alledgedly!
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    What is this?????

    I thought I'd be clever and do a google reverse image search (you up load the image it looks for other versions of it) . . . Apparently its a marine invertebrate! It would appear that Mr Google doesn't know!
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    This one is more sad, 8 months - poor baby. "This is a very sad sale! I purchased Freddy for my neice he's the most cutest little guy ever unfortunately she's very nervous of horses even though he is tiny an also an absolute sweet heart she's just not taking to him so I don't find it fair him...
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    Planning ahead re: bad weather

    I have winter tyres - but when the weather gets too bad for them (I live up a wee private lane) I have autosocks. They work almost as well as chains but are much easier to get on. If you think you might struggle to get about they are well worth the outlay.
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    For me the one big, HUGE red flag - is that they want to increase the number of people that can call for an EGM from 12 to 250+. 12 is an easily achieveable number. How many folk know 249 other members? The only reasonable reason I can see for this would be if this had been getting abused by the...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    "Putting the feelers out there I’m thinking about selling my youngster but not 100% sure just seeing if there’s anyone out there looking for a nice calm project must be able to collect from Derbyshire as I have no transport" I think anyone looking for a nice calm project might need a bit...
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    How did you and hello

    Helllooooeeeee :D I'm usually FrecklesTheCat - rather unimaginatively named after one of my feline trio. My present username merely explains what happens to any baubles that are too low on the tree! At least they don't tend to climb the tree anymore - when the youngest was a kitten she climbed...
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    Riding after hip replacement.

    Trust me! Facepalm ;)
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    Riding after hip replacement.

    Thanks Guys, Op was 20th, was out on the 23rd. Seems to have gone well. :) Christmas was a bit weird - My kids chose to go through to Granny and Grampa while I was in - and there through until yesterday - it was a bit strange waking without them on Christmas Day. We headed through to them all...