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    Setting up electric fencing

    Thank you for that great reply. Fingers crossed it will be a long term rent. There is 6 foot stock fencing on 2 sides, and post and rail on the other 2, although most of the p&r is covered by rhododendrons. We plan to run a line down the middle to create 2 halves, then possibly half again to...
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    Freelance Groom - West Sussex

    Have a look on the horsey facebook pages around here, i can think of 3 instantly who advertise on this area who i know and there are more.
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    Setting up electric fencing

    Hi, a friend and i have just managed to secure a perfect 5 acre field. We want to divide it so theres a summer 1/2 and a winter 1/2. Having always had post rail fencing which has been maintained by yard owners i am a bit out of my depth with what we need, so am appealing for help, tips and...
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    Dog shampoo

    I thought baby shampoo was not recommended. I brought the johnsons no more tears one thinking it would be nice and mild, but read online the ph levels are not good, something to do with not stinging little eyes if it goes in them?. I used it once and am now left with a full bottle.
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    How much would you pay for 1* event horse?

    Thats the area lots of people look at for a good horse, so you will be paying more. Bear in mind, if you are not working the horse during the week its behaviour will be affected when you go competing/ride at weekends. If someone has worked a horse to a good level it will need to maintain the...
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    Ariat Derwent H2O - opinions please

    Im currently rocking some seeland wellies which im loving. The sizings are very odd, im usually a 5, im in a 4 which is going to be far too big come single sock warmer weather, so a 3 would have been perfect. They are like a country boot, not actual wellies and are sooo comfy and very warm...
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    Spare room in Crawley if your flooded.

    Iv lived round here all my life and iv never seen flooding this bad so close to home. Offering our room so someone has the opportunity of a little relief is the least we can do.
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    Spare room in Crawley if your flooded.

    The weather down here is awful, and i have a spare furnished double room if anyone is flooded or without power. We do have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and no space for horses :( but anyone needing an alternative place to stay is welcome. Its christmas and our house is available for an alternative christmas.
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    URGENT - DIY livery needed Horsham

    Every one loves a crazy yard owner, especially when christmas crazies everyone up anyway!! I will keep my ears open. Have you had a look in friday ad?
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    URGENT - DIY livery needed Horsham

    Hi, get on facebook and look at the livery south east page. Loads comes up on there and you can post your needs too. The other local horsey pages are good for livery too. If you get really stuck there are some grass livery places not too far out which are not bad.
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    How long for a horse to settle into new environment?

    My mare wasnt mine to start with when she arrived on the yard, she was my bosses. Outwardly, and ridden she looked as calm as anything. The only thing she wouldnt do was stay in the isolation paddock on her own, and solo turn out she still wont do. My bosses daughter decided a couple of months...
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    Eat and drink as much as you can before hand as its not cheap, if your a shopaholic use the bag store as its very easy to loose a bag if youve got a lot- the money was being donated to charity a few years ago, if youre going on sunday on street parking is free local to the venue and shopping...
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    20% discount at ride away

    Hi, any pets at home vip members with horses seem to be getting discount offers. 10% code is PAHT10 and 20% is VIPD20. 20% valid til 29th nov. happy shopping :)
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    Riding hat rubbing hair off?!

    Over the years and the ammount of hat wear thats happened my hair has been rubbed and now refuses to grow. If you look in the mirror and draw a line from your eye to the hair line above the ear ghats where mine looks frizzy and wont grow. The only thing iv found is when i didn't ride for a few...
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    Desparate for help....please read...

    If your in the south east theres 3 colleges that take loan horses. Mines at plumpton in east sussex. on full loan you dont pay anything, part loan you pays set ammount and can do as you please at the weekend. They are fab and the horses well looked after.