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    'James Jerry'

    least he is not clever enough to change his name!!
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    'James Jerry'

    oh its so bad just glad I listen to my woman's intuition or who knows, I am way to trusting hehe
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    Equine Dentist - Chester/Cheshire

    I will put my vote in for Craig a real sweetie pie x
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    'James Jerry'

    there are so many time wasters!!
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    'James Jerry'

    hey I just got very similar emails. glad I googled his name now. something did not feel right so thank you HHO xx
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    Fly rug for WB?

    I struggle to get rugs to fit my Friesian as they tend to have big necks and shoulders. I still spend my life pulling them forward so will be interested to see how you get on with your post. Oh your horse is very beautiful xx
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    Sweet itch ponies, hows yours doing?

    hey Paddy been in rug for ages now, since we started with warm weather and flying things. also trying the turmeric diet this year, think he likes having a tasty mean lol. I have sprayed him every other day with home made fly spray. this is the first year he has an amazing mane really want to...
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    The things non-horsey people say......

    I told a friend years ago that I was buying a Friesian and her response was Your buying a cow!! hmm and she was a horsey friend
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    Richmond Park Stables & London Horse Owners

    hey just realised it was stag lodge that I worked at xx
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    Turmeric.. who uses it and where can I buy it from? maidstone

    I have only heard about it the other day is it good for itchy horses?? I am not sure whether to try it this year on my SI boy?? what do you think? you can buy big bags from Bookers and macro.
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    Who feeds brewers yeast?

    hey I fed It to my boy until I finished the bag for his sweet itch I saw no difference at all?? I am going to try good rug and dio sect?? or something like that from the vet this year. be thankful if you have a mild case its one of the worst things about owning a horse for me. hope this has...
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    Friesian Values please.

    hey I have one just make sure you get it from a trusted place, they do come with some problems and I would not change Paddy for the world I have had days where I have cried due to one skin complaint or another. But I love him and yes the ones on the TV are lovely, its funny how many are on the...
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    North West Meet Up

    Hey im near Delamere have no idea where you guys are?? but would meet up have horse and dog :-)
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    Need to rehome a 3 year old Beagle

    Also you have been a bit vague about why you want to rehome him?
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    Need to rehome a 3 year old Beagle

    where are you based?