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    WOW saddle owners

    Well at least I'm not alone I suppose. Not sure if that doesn't just make it worse though. Hopefully will get it sorted tomorrow as I love my saddle and my cob. And more to the point it's the only one I have so no saddle = no games :(
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    WOW saddle owners

    Hmm I thought as much. Bummer. To the best of my knowledge it is girthed totally normally. Poor cob :( Will ask the fitter to come back and look at her again. It's probably her enormous driving horse, legs flying everywhere, trot which is doing it. She moves a lot in the shoulder!
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    WOW saddle owners

    I have a bit of a conundrum. Mine is roughing up the hair at the front on the poor cobs withers. Fitter came out on Tuesday to have a look and re balanced us but it's still doing it. I know that it is supposed to move laterally at the front but I can't believe it feels nice and it didn't used to...
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    Rescuers create horses that need rescued.

    To be fair I have just looked at WHW and they do, in their PDF, talk about euthanasia of confiscated horses if no suitable home can be found. No they aren't quite advocating taking them to Potters but they aren't saying they all have to...
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    Team Reggie: Smokey goes to Burghley! An odd day out...

    why can't I see videos?! :(
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    Mirrors in horse box

    I've had mirrors work for two mares now. One in the stable and one in the trailer. No experience with mirror on a roll stuff, I use normal stable mirrors. i'd blue tack it up and see what neddy thinks before fixing it permanently :)
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    Really bad traveller...any success stories?

    will he travel in company? Try a mirror. It has miraculously cured my horse. Literally. It was a trembly sweaty mess travelling. With the mirror it is as quiet as a lamb.
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    Dear Vendor

    A lot of people seem truly terrible at guessing the size of horses. I think a lot of people assume any horse over 15.2 is at least 16hh and anything over 16hh is 16.2. It should be mandatory to use a measuring stick when advertising!!
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    Rescuers create horses that need rescued.

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Anyone been dissappointed with Arc Equine?

    Is there no regulation for this kind of kit, surely it is a medical device and should be tested as such. Such (seemingly) common and severe reactions sound like something which should be investigated properly in a regulated environment before being passed safe for use. Has this happened...
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    Schedule states no first aider or paramedic

    Agreed. I am also a trained first aider. I am trained to basically not touch you and call for an ambulance. True story. After a slight run in with paramedics I am even a bit wary about them touching me after an accident. Just cart me to the hospital thanks very much! (if they ask how much it...
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    Stubben reins, where to find them?

    I am after a very specific set of Stubben reins. They belong to the 'Royal' bridle (stubben number 161) and I need them in black. I can't find the reins on their own anywhere, just a whole new bridle. Anyone know a tame Stubben dealer or where to find them?
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    Cambridge Uni draghounds

    Yes, exactly like that. There are some hedge meets, Lindsey and Gidding both have decent sized hedges I think. They are on facebook and are usually pretty good at answering questions (although they may have all gone home for the summer by now!). They go a fair clip, much faster than the...
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    People riding your horses without permission - URGENT!

    Whilst I totally and utterly understand you are incandescent surely a stern ticking off is the best course of action in this instance? What would a prosecution actually achieve? It would just cost a load of money and likely as not have exactly the same outcome (ie retard doesn't ride your...
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    eBay sellers 'making money off postage'

    I'm not a business. I am a private seller and I can't see where it says that. But I am probably just searching really badly. Anyway, I have 100% positive seller feedback and ebay haven't banned me yet so I'll just carry on doing what I'm doing!