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    Smallest I could ride?

    I'm 5'7, weight 11 stone (was almost 12 up until about a month ago and aiming to lose another half stone). I've previously owned a 14.2 hw cob, recently was sharing a similar horse and have just bought another 14.2 cob who is not as heavy weight and a bit more petite than my last - I don't...
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    Livery yards near Bellshill ?

    Netherton of Glentore in slamannan. There is Sauchenhall near Cumbernauld. There are a couple near Glenboig - and Brookfield equestrian. A quick look on facebook throws up Westfield equestrian nearer Bathgate?
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    Kennel cough help

    Thanks - no coughing today and the allergy has settled down. I'm walking her at quiet times in quiet places to avoid other dogs.
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    Kennel cough help

    She only coughs first thing in the morning or after her long afternoon nap - that's it. She doesn't cough when she get excited or runs about which is apparently what should trigger the coughing!
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    Kennel cough help

    That's the thing Levrier - she's coughing 2 or 3 times a day max. So it's not constant - seems like a very mild strain. She still needs to do her business though so she does still need out - we have a garden but it's astro grass and she refuses to do the toilet on it and out front garden is...
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    Kennel cough help

    The vet has diagnosed my dog with potential kennel cough.. I noticed the odd cough late last week and stupdly put it down to her having a bit of grass stuck in her throat (she loves to eat wet grass), it was worse on Thursday, barely there on Saturday and worse on Sunday when she also came up...
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    Riding in icey frozen conditions.

    Not really something worth stressing about - you'd be much more stressed if you risked riding on icy roads and you our your horse injured yourselves. It's rubbish when you have time off but the weather is against you - I'd just leave it until the weather improves - plenty of riding to be had in...
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    Lack of confidence whilst out hacking

    Keep at it - if she starts spooking then give her something else to think about - leg yeild, flexion etc. If you feel yourself getting tense then yawn - sounds silly but it works and will relax you and hopefully your horse. Also found clicker training useful if she is food oriented - I used to...
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    Sell? Stay put? Loan?

    Sounds like you are ready to let go. Word of mouth is a good way to ensure you find the right home for him as like you mentioned, free or cheap horses can often fall into the wrong hands. If you can get him back into work or are willing to pay someone else to do it then that might be a better...
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    Dog with a broken tail

    My daft lurcher has broken her tail - god knows how or exactly when (at some point on Saturday/Sunday). Just one vertebrae and it's non displaced so she's on metacalm and vet has advised restricted exercise to mimimize excitement. How do you stop the dog with the waggiest tail from...
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    Where does your dog sleep?

    Starts off on the sofa in the living room or play room, when she gets cold she goes upstairs to the single bed in the spare room and then at around 6 am she sneaks in with us and snuggles under the duvet curled right into my tummy - she's so snuggly - I love it but find it hard to get out of bed...
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    Would it be fair to have a dog under these circumstances?

    Absolultey - this is similar to the set up we have. We're out from about 7:40 to 5-5:30pm 3 days a week so dog walker comes just after 11 and bringer her back just before 1. The other 2 days I work from home so walk her at lunch time - I don't see much of her on those days - she spends most of...
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    Limping lurcher

    Wee update - not much further forward after seeing the vet. They could no find no obvious cause (pain, stiffness, swelling or muscle wastage) but from the video said they think it is the front left causing the issue - higher up possibly shoulder or elbow (it was her left shoulder she had...
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    Limping lurcher

    Thanks Chiffy - so sorry to hear your dog had bone cancer - it's one of my biggest fears having a sight hound. Planete - thanks for that - she does love to gallop and chase and will often do a sliding stop which can't be good for her front legs or shoulders. She's got lovely slender legs but...
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    Limping lurcher

    Thanks Amymay - the thought of putting her under anesthetic unecessarily worries me so I will push for heavy sedation if x rays are the way forward.