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    Cob Lovers Question

    My personal opinion is that the heavy cobs over about 15.2ish look nice hogged and clipped out. Below this height I think they look much better natural with fairly long manes and full feather �� Its all personal preferance though I suppose x
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    When did your Traditional Cobs finish growing?

    Thanks everyone! Looks like I have a good 3 more years of growth left! Even if it is just levelling up and filling out. I can see me going through a fair few saddles to haha! Beth206, my boy looks similar to your mare, pre adolecent ponies :)
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    When did your Traditional Cobs finish growing?

    Hi, I know this has been asked previously, but I am a first-time youngster owner! I have only had adult horses, I now have a baby pony! He is 14.2hh currently, and has grown about a hand in the last 18 months. He is still bum high, and still not very filled out although you can tell he will...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Well done everyone, you all sounded like you did so well! As planned, we attended Ashby Show in the CHAPS and TGCA in hand class. I was SO please with Gary. Pushing our results aside, he is so well behaved. We were told to park right in the middle, next to food stands, busy walk ways, warmup...
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    Weekend plans :)

    I am at my first 'big-ish' show with Gary. OH is running him around the CHAPS and TGCA classes at Ashby Show as I am currently to waddley and with-child. Good luck to everyone x
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    Your 'swear by' grooming products and potions

    Thank you all so much, some of your answers have really made me chuckle 😂
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    Your 'swear by' grooming products and potions

    Thanks all! I will look into all of your great suggestions! I have definitely done that before and turned the cob blue *doh* Not a good look!
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    Your 'swear by' grooming products and potions

    What are your 'swear by' products for grooming, bathing, show prep, on the day touch ups? Mainly looking for amazing shampoo's for grey horses, the best dazzling coat shine for show days, stain removers and anything else you LOVE and have in your grooming bag/lorry/show basket. I am really...
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    Ashby Show!

    This weekend is Ashby Show! This will be my first big (ish) show, as opposed to local level, and I am already having restless nights. I am taking my cob in CHAPS class and TGCA class, in hand as he is just turn 4yrs. We are aiming for ridden next year. I have been to the show a few times...
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    Weekend plans ;)

    Super good luck to everyone competing! Gary and I are just doing some lunging with the pessoa and a gentle hack. Next weekend we have our first county level show so we will be doing a pre bath and some trotting up making sure he is standing square and listen to my voice. :)
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    What are your 4 year old doing?

    Ah I like this thread! I always feel like my boy is behind but he seems to be just fine! He walks and trots well in the school, however rushes. His canter is balancing but only gets his leads correct 50% of the time. He is worked 3/4 times a week with a combination of lunging with and without...
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    Female farrier

    My OH is a farrier, and regularly does days with a female farrier. Neither of them put up with rude or leaning horses, and why should they? It is a tasking physical job, and also with horses with no manners, dangerous.
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    Conditioning feed

    I feed my cob Saracen show improver cubes, these have no fizz and I find them great.
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    Your advice and experiences with cold splints (false splints)

    Hi All. As above really. My horse is 14.2hh and 4yrs old. He has 2 splints, a smaller and a slightly larger. Both between 12 and 24 month old splints which he picked up whilst in the field before he started any work. They were incurred from just titting about and catching himself, and no...
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    Keeping a horse clean after bathing - hot weather!!

    Thanks all! Luckily its not a big show, so it can be a learning curve for the county show in July. I will scrub him tomorrow and then turn him ojt at dusk in hock boots and a fly rug! I will let you know how he looks on Sunday morning lol x