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    Update on my horse

    Well to be fair every vet, farrier, physio and saddler that saw him (and there were a lot) could find nothing wrong with him. He showed no pain, I even had one vet leaning heavily on his back and he didn't even seem to notice. Then just suddenly snapped and showed the pain. But we had no idea...
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    Update on my horse

    Yeah it does sometimes. He may not be sound for life though, may not jump again, or he may be absolutely fine. They don't seem to know much about this condition he has and I'm going by gut instinct at the moment on handling him. Like he's staying outside for as long as possible this winter until...
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    Update on my horse

    Got a positive update on my horse that might encourage people that are seeing no end in sight for medical issues on their horse. Long story short, mine had issues for ages before he got finally diagnosed. He got diagnosed with ks, operated on and we thought he was better. Wrong. He went lame...
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    General musings on horse 'misbehaviour'

    If they don't have soundness issues, yeah it's generally the rider. My horse, now that he is no longer in pain, can still be a problem for me to ride, but it's nowhere near as much as before. Like recently, he was a pain on a hack as he got way over excited and wanted to gallop, but he's not...
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    Non horsey OH strikes again ...

    Oh don't worry. I've taken two male friends into a horse shop once. I had to apologise while they had a 'sword' fight with the whips.
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    Positive loading stories? Need cheering up :(

    I feel your pain. I had to leave my boy at a venue for 2 days after trying for 7 hours to get him to load. We even tried the venue owners lorry but he would not go in. Had to pay a trainer to come out and teach him how to load. She got him in, but the lessons didn't stick unfortunately, he just...
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    :'( gelding turned stallion

    Put him on rig calm. My horse started mounting the geldings when the mares teased him. He didn't have access to them. :p Rigcalm helps a lot.
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    Keeping a grey horse grey (or white)

    Get the body wash stuff from safe equine. No suds, it's basically wet the horse, spray on the stuff, rub in, wait 6-7 mins and rinse off. So easy, it made my horse really white and he'd have been cleaner if the idiot had stood still.
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    Insurance value

    Ah cool. I'll get rid of the insurance soon then. Waiting until the vet checks him again as she wasn't happy with his front right leg, but I was counting on the issue there being to do with his hoof being shorter than the left. He isn't moving it shorter than the left anymore, so even if it was...
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    Insurance value

    Ah yeah 3rd party cover is that included in the gold membership or do I have to get it separately? Think that's all I'd need really, I treat most cuts myself unless they need stitches. Thankfully though he is less of a hooligan now in the field and doesn't lead the other horses out of the fields...
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    Insurance value

    Yeah I was thinking of just stopping it too. I have a credit card for emergencies for him, and for the most part I've just paid vet bills myself other than the big ones. Not sure he's even insured for the remaining leg now either.
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    Insurance value

    Sorry saw a thread by someone else and didn't want to hijack it but seemed like something to think about for my horse too. Obviously since he's had kissing spine surgery and surgery on both stifles, diagnosed with chondromalacia, he's worth about ****** all now. Doesn't bother me but he's...
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    Weekend plans

    Continuing to exercise my horse through his rehab. We've upgraded to trot now. Just down the long sides but still we are progressing. :) Decided to try the other day as he is clearly bored with just walking and he was paying me no attention, so I wanted to end on a good note and figured I may as...
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    WEG - Would you send your horse into a hurricane?

    I wouldn't have sent the horse either. It's fine for those already there, they travelled before the hurricane is hitting there and before it was known how bad it would be. But getting on a plane to fly into a hurricane isnt the best idea. It's not safe.
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    Bit of Fun...what really annoys you on a livery yard?

    To those who don't like people touching your horse, does that really just include giving them a quick stroke as you go past? I wouldn't ever feed another person's horse, but I give them pats now and again unless they clearly hate it.