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    Bit sitting to one side in mouth?

    Hi Scot123. Apologies for dragging up an old post but just stumbled upon this which sounds identical to my problem! The bit is definitely sitting evenly on the cheek pieces (so it's not the bridle) but one side of the bit is further through from the moment I put it on her (so nothing to do with...
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    Stubbs saddle minder?

    Thank you Shay, that is very helpful! :-)
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    Stubbs saddle minder?

    Does anyone use the Stubbs Saddle Minder or similar (anything that allows your to padlock your saddle to the rack...)? Any thoughts on its value? Any reason why it wouldn't fit certain makes of saddle? Thanks in advance!
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    Update - knee boots advice.....

    Many thanks Fiona!��
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    Kent vet

    Gutted to hear he got off so lightly. He & his dealer girlfriend of the time pretty much ruined my childhood. If I had any sort of proof I'd have been trying to prosecute them as well! Shame it was all too long ago & I was so massively naive back then... Immoral people.
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    Update - knee boots advice.....

    Fiona, I'm really not sure how to navigate this site but could you (try to!) directly me to your original post please? I currently use the Westropps that have been discontinued but the quality is horrendous so would like to find a decent knee boot, ideally machine washable - I would be...
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    Equine portable showers

    OMG, u r still here!!! Big hello TGM!!! :-)
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    Equine portable showers

    Hello fellow HHO’ers! I haven’t been on here for a while (about 10 years, LOL!) but thought I’d venture back now that I’m officially ‘horsey’ again! It all looks very different..! Anyway, my first post is regarding portable showers... Ie so you can bath your horse in warm water, powered by a...
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    Tips for relaxing into the contact???

    If you think the problem is tightness in the neck (as opposed to balance), I would certainly work on inside/outside flexion but not the horrible side to side thing the SJer's do but a few strides each way with straightness inbetween. It may also be worth getting your Physio to ensure there's no...
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    Exercises for a horse that is tense after canter?

    What happens if you go straight back to walk & work in walk until settled? But don't just walk round (will be anticipating upwards transition), but WORK in walk - lots of shapes, lateral work, halt transitions etc. So horse has to focus on the work. Also, when in trot are you concentrating on...
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    where can i find a 6 1/4 or 6 1/2" bit?

    What on earth do you need it for? An elephant??
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    Horse jumps twice actual fence height.

    Does this win? LOL!
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    Rearing horse

    I didn't notice the bit about strapping him down but also agree that's not a great thing to do - if a horse wants to rear it WILL & it's balance comes from it's neck - if it goes up without the balance, you've got more chance of it falling over... Personally, I'd stick to the neck strap so YOU...
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    Rearing horse

    I have to ask the same question - how does she know if you're doing flat or jumping? Sounds a bit odd? Assuming there's no pain, fear etc & it's just a form of napping, I'd take the pressure right off. As soon as she plants, I'd make her stand rather than pressuring her to go forwards. Make her...
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    Huge bouncy trot

    Just a case of getting used to it really! You will though, don't let it put you off. It will help to have some lessons with someone who can help give you pointers on absorbing the movement (for example, try to drop your heel by flexing at the ankle when you rise so that some of the movement goes...