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    Am I overreacting... someone fed my horse and I don't know what.

    Thanks all. Yes her neighbour is very dark bay. She's black and mainly Spanish so fine. The two seem to have been confused. I'm still not sure why or how. As you say that's the worrying bit really... I've put a note on her door saying DO NOT FEED ME... better than nothing right?!
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    Am I overreacting... someone fed my horse and I don't know what.

    Well. I'm genuinely shocked at just how nasty people on this forum can be but lesson learmed i guess. I wont be rushing here for advice anytime soon! I don't even know why I bothered stopping in here tbh but I thought some people may be worried. Obviously not all of you .. a good portion might...
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    Am I overreacting... someone fed my horse and I don't know what.

    Friend just called me. She's down in the field and seems quiet. I'm going to see her. Staff are on yard so I can find out what she's been fed. I can't believe this is happening.
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    Am I overreacting... someone fed my horse and I don't know what.

    Not seen any staff and I needed to vent somewhere. They weren't on yard yet when I was and now I'm at work and can't use my phone. I'm sorry it's upset everyone so much that I had to get something off my chest. My horse has colicked before so I actually cried finding this and am very worried.
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    Am I overreacting... someone fed my horse and I don't know what.

    Currently trying to calm down as upset... I visited my horse on part livery this morning. I see her every day and feed her. The staff do not, and have never fed her and are aware to leave her bucket in her box where I take, clean and refill usually on an evening. Today I found a strange...
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    Goodbye Kempton Park

    Let's hear it for the ducks!!
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    Heartbreaking news

    I'm so sorry this is terrible news. Was it a complete shock? Not that that makes it easier. Horrible thing to go through.
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    Are YOs and YMs people to be feared?

    Can I please emphasise that I personally haven't found crazy YOs? I have got on very well with most of them, not that I've ever been especially pally with them. Just I don't think too demanding, willing to let certain things go and not too keen to charge into a heated discussion. It's mutual...
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    Totally insignificant horsey pet hate

    What's your biggest (but also most insignificant) horsey petc hate? Basically the thing you wouldn't loose sleep over and no one else would even notice probably but still... niggle... like... mad...! New reins for me. Stiff and uncomfortable. Chafe hands and miscommunicate with the horse. Get...
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    Are YOs and YMs people to be feared?

    Sadly it's very common I think- based largely on the tales of friends and associates. Because demand will always exceed supply. There will almost always be someone willing to move to the stables you've just left- around here anyway. I adored the owners at my last yard. Will tell anyone and...
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    Do people not realise riding is a partnership anymore?

    OK this might sound a bit ranty but I am seeing this more and more on my Facebook, Twitter and free horse ad pages. Main offenders are teens aged 15-19 though I am sure older people do it too.. they're good riders from what I can see but not exceptional. They want to compete. They advertise for...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    What's that saying about if you can't be a good example you'll just have to be a horrible warning or something...?
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    What does your farrier charge for a trim?

    £20. Does a good job. Many other barefoot owners on the yard get a trimmer who charges £35 a time. I'm quite happy with my trim and charge thanks. Feet look good horse is happy...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Oh my... Asking for a fiend (really hope they mean friend) What little horses do you have for sale? 11-12hh and no more than £300. Tia. Errrr you mean ponies....?
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    Do others ride your horse better than you ?

    Yes. I bought my mare for dressage and somewhere along the line found she loves to jump instead. I found her a rider and they are doing amazing together. I love to watch them and she is a better ride for me because of the extra work.