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    talking About Old Magazines, Do You Remember Stable Management?

    yes and i still have about a dozen copies!!
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    General Anaesthetic

    My foal was born with knock knees in Aughust 2012. She had surgery under general anasthetic at seven weeks old to correct her kness and again six weeks later to remove the pins. She was only a baby but she was fine.
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    Giving up horses. Experiences please

    having a break is a good ideah however you may find the addiction to horses comes back and bites you on the backside. I gave up my last horse in 2002 only to get the bug back in 2012 now I have two Sadllebreds. When I went to my local tack shop when I was awaiting delivery of my mare and foal I...
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    Silly question alert! - Anyone elses horse wont eat polos?

    My saddlebred mare won't eat mints of any kind. You wouldn't believe how far she can spit them. Her daughter on the other hand will do anything for a mint, preferably extra strong! What ia funny though is the mare will eat Top Spec top chop light and it smells very minty!!
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    Any American Saddlebred owners in West Yorkshire?

    So i'm not alone ! what cross do you have??
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    Any American Saddlebred owners in West Yorkshire?

    Anyone else in West yorkshire have Ammerican Saddlebreds or am I the only one? Feeling a bit lonely all on my own!
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    Horse poo and motorbikes

    The twit should have been driving within his capabilities and he clearly wasn't. he should have been able toavoid a bit of poo. what if he;d have met a real problem
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    How long does it take you to muck out?

    It takes me an hour per bed on chopped straw but i am very pedantic about my mucking out and go though both beds twice. All wet and poo must go!
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    Horse has started violently head shaking.... Opinions?

    just a thought have you checked that there isnt a foreign body in one of her ears? sound daft i know but once heard of a pony head shaking and it turned out a child had stuffed a sweet wrapper in poor ponio's ear!
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    Equine ghosts?

    sorry you are feeling bad but eight days will soon pass. Not a horsey ghost story but some years ago my neighbours 18 year old cat moved in to our house when her boyfriend bought home an aggresive Jack Russel. She slept on my bed every night for the next three years until she sadly died on the...
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    How often do you muck out??

    every morning before they re turned out, and if they have to stay in do it again in the evening
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    Lice problem!

    Tinsel Trouble, I got Deosect from Vetscriptions and didn't need a prescrition. Much cheeper that getting it from the vet
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    Can anyone give me advice on my Western Saddle?

    Hi I have a similar problem with a Lane Fox cutback saddle lifting at the back. It is doing this because it is too narrow across the front if that makes sense, couldnt see your pics but would guess you have the same problem.
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    Disgraceful - Surely this horse is far too young?

    I totally agree with you Jsye to be honest for a three year old to be performing like that the morons must have been working it for at least a year so they backed it and worked it at 2 years old. But you have to realise that not everyone cares about their horse, only what they can get out of...
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    Fosse Park Leicester horses

    but the RSPCA continually ask for money so they can stop cruelty before it happens they call it their big animal rescue and its on telly all the time so they are just a set of liars and they really do not care