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    Do you see an oestopath if you have a fall?

    No. But I book an appointment with my physio straight away. I long ago learnt that it is worth dealing with the problem straight away, one appointment (usually) and the exercises that they recommend. Otherwise it can come back and present problems for years later.
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    Exercises to balance out shoulder/neck inbalance? y

    I seem to have managed to get my 8 year old Haflinger asymetric. He has a build up of muscle on the offside of his neck and shoulder and is feeling very hard on the nearside rein. I have had his teeth checked, the physio has been out and his saddle is being checked next week. In the meantime...
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    Possible tieing up then lumps and bumps - any ideas?

    I have a Hafflinger on loan and have been hunting him all this winter. He came off the lorry on Tuesday very stiff through his hindquarters and sore. He went on ok and was heard bashing about in the lorry about 15 minutes before we got home. He was very uncomfortable and couldnt put his head...
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    Just a couple of odd scabby areas on hind legs.

    Mebbe nothing but these have come from nowhere it seems. Grey horse, hunted hard all winter, now turned away for a couple of weeks chill out. A dry scabby area has developed suddenly at the top inside of his near hind. Scabs can be picked off and skin underneath is pink and dry. Another area...
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    Hunt buttons?

    I very much considered it an honour. I do anything I can to help on the field, I attend and help out at some of the fund raising events - I think they are very important to the running of the hunt and most members should do something towards them. I also get sponsorship for the annual hunt...
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    Hunt buttons?

    When are these awarded to someone in your hunt? I got mine recently (over the moon!) but was very surprised as I have only been hunting for 4 years, albeit enthusiastically - last one home, manage 90% of the meets etc. Interested to hear about other hunts. Trouble is now I've got to sew them...
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    Fat under the skin causing problem

    Has anyone heard of a problem being caused with sensitive skinned horses having fat stored under the skin making saddling/girthing/mounting uncomfortable. My friend's trainer used this theory to explain why her usually placid mare had a bucking fit after saddling and my gelding annually bucks...
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    Beaches - Norfolk coast

    One of my favourites is up the coast at Stiffkey (pronounced Stewkey!!) The only way I know to get to it is via the little lane that leads to the campsite, signposted from the main road. Lots of little dykes and huge areas of sand. That whole coastal area is just wonderful and there is a path...
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    I need some more boots for riding/walking around/feeding animals/going to Tescos/everything! I've been a big fan of Hunters - cheap, fit my foot shape, last ages - but my last pair have fallen apart in no time - apparantly they are now made in China and the quality has dropped. I aspire to a...
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    Wound healing

    Thanks for that. What did the Clenderm do? Any other product that does the same thing? It's looking clean and healthy but I really think it is going to take quite some time before I can ride him at anything other than walk. He wouldn't do well on box rest I think so I just have to hope he...
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    Wound healing

    I rarely post on here but I hope that someone can just give me a rough idea of the best thing to do. My horse got kicked in the stifle area (inside upper hind leg, right?) a week ago last Thursday. Wound about 2" long and a little open but quite clean. Vet said no need to stitch. Have kept...
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    shop for bit's

    Very interesting! Just about to post on here asking if anyone had a ny problems. I had a really positive experience of them last year - excellent communication, very quick delivery. This time it is the total opposite. Communication is poor. They have had my money for about 2 weeks now and...
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    Peripheral hunting stuff ..... all questions, questions..

    Dolly bags definitely came up when discussing this subject out hunting (as you do!) not long ago. I think all these proper. 'old fashioned but bloody useful' products are only obtainable through old fashioned hardware shops and chemists. I have another full size bridle for my boy that I use...
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    Peripheral hunting stuff ..... all questions, questions..

    I'llbe looking for a liver chestnut or just something mud coloured next! As for jackets - eeek! Now you're in a realm I don't understand. Melton v Cavalry - can you expand please?
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    Peripheral hunting stuff ..... all questions, questions..

    Ok, so now I think I will do the dandy brush and rainwater thing first and then try the hoover when dry. Good idea. To be honest, I'll try anything as I treated myself to a really nice jacket recently. It came off Ebay and looked pristine and after my first day out it looked a wreck (but then...