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    Hovis' friday diary

    Had a really rubbish day at work so not much was going to cheer me up today until....Hovis's Friday Diary! This had me laughing out loud, absolutely brilliant (particularly the bit about being woken up at 11pm). Still giggling now! THANK YOU!
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    how do you accept it?

    This is so sad, it brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mare through an accident when I was 22, I am 41 now and it still hurts and I still cry sometimes. I don't know why it's taken ages to get over it and why some people get over it quicker than others. I love what your friend said, that...
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    Wear High Vis - even in the summer...

    I just want to say that as a result of this forum I decided, last year, to start wearing some hi viz when out running and riding. I hav'nt gone mad, just a tabard, my horse is a big grey and I wear bright leggings for running. BUT, I absolutely, categorically, notice a different reaction from...
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    O/T but any guinea pig owners out there? need help worming!

    Poor piggie! I have 5 and regularly use one of the herbal remedies mentioned here. This should hopefully sort the issue out but then use it regularly (monthly). Good luck and pm if you need anyother advice, I am sadly a...
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    Tweseldown Section Lists are up!

    I'm in the 'P' Section on first event for over 15 years! Cannot wait, so excited!
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    Show Jumping Rules Quick Question

    Thanks for the answers everyone. Now I just have to focus on not falling off and not having ANY refusals! Fortunately I have a confidence giving lovely boy who loves jumping to look after me!
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    Show Jumping Rules Quick Question

    I am just about to embark on my first show for over 10 years, can't wait! I have purchased a BSJA rule book but in the interim can anyone just answer a couple of questions as I believe the rules have changed since I last competed? How many refusals before you get eliminated? (OK I have to...
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    Sedation for pulling manes ...... At my wits end

    I had a mare identical to this. Went absolutely crazy if you pulled her mane...and I mean crazy! But LOVED having her tail pulled..very strange girly! I gave up in the end as she hated it so much it must have hurt like mad and she was dangerous too. We tried sedating, twitching, the lot. I...
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    I am so desperately sad

    I am so desperately sorry to hear this. It is truly a heartbreaking time for you both. I lost a beautiful mare many years ago and still miss her now, some of them take bigger chunks of your hearts than others and she took a huge chunk. I read this on Kim McElroy's site ...