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    Looking for a small yard / yard share in West Berks

    I knew where you meant re: Mole/Counterywide/Scats!! Another good idea to phone Englefield estate office. I was going to pop into the stables there too. Such a shame if yards are being left empty - we've been happily at our current yard for 4 years and would have stayed forever if we could...
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    Looking for a small yard / yard share in West Berks

    Chinchilla - find something in the middle, big enough for both of us! :)
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    Looking for a small yard / yard share in West Berks

    Thanks, will do. Suspect I'm looking for the impossible!
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    Van conversion recommendations

    Equestrivan in Beenham, West Berks do some lovely 3.5s.
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    Looking for a small yard / yard share in West Berks

    Can anyone help? I'm looking to rent a small yard or sub-let part of a larger yard in the Upper Basildon / Pangbourne / Tidmarsh / Englefield area. I ideally need 4 stables (but happy to pay for more and have them as storage if it makes a yard split easier) and it must be acceptable to turn...
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    Sub letting a proportion of a yard?

    I'm currently looking for a small yard or sub-let of a larger one. Did you decide to go ahead?
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    On Sunday we said Goodbye to Little Lad

    So very sorry to read this. The kindest, bravest of decisions. Run free LL.
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    RIP mathieu Pignon

    Edited. RIP Mathieu.
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    Equine atypical myopathy

    Jerokee - I've heard of lots and lots of strange viruses in the past few months. On our yard we've had a least 4, all very slightly different, but the latest one was just making the horse lethargic. She was blood tested (as they all will be in future now we've had a case of AM) and came back...
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    Equine atypical myopathy

    Charlie, you have my sympathy. Awful not knowing. PLease keep posting updates.
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    Equine atypical myopathy

    For AM yes, bloods show massively elevated enzyme levels. However, as Charlie76 says, by the time there were symptoms to prompt a blood test it was too late for my mare, though some do eventually recover.
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    Equine atypical myopathy

    I lost my mare Millie (Miller's Song - the bay in my sig) to Atypical Myopathy on the 6th of this month. She was pm'd and confirmed as AM. AM initially attacks the slow-twitch muscle fibres mainly found in postural and respiratory muscles and it appears to be caused by either Mycotoxins or...
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    How often do you see your horses?

    They're physically checked every day, twice a day, 365 days a year and their fields and stables are driven or walked by several times a day, either by me or friends at the yard. I'm on a biggish yard so my yard manager or best friend does morning and evening checks if I can't get to them...
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    Atypical Myopath Cases in the UK

    Thank you Horserider and Applecart. Contrary to the article in Horsetalk my mare was 19, in excellent condition, hacking four or five times a week (so not competition fit but fairly so), worm free (had our last tests done on the yard six weeks ago) and fully vaccinated. She had shown none...
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    Atypical Myopathy Warning

    I lost my mare to it yesterday. She went from a happy, healthy horse, upright and grazing to being put down 12 hours later. Her daughter, who has grazed the same fields as her mother, has been tested and is thankfully clear at the moment. She is, of course, now in a different field.