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    Who would YOU breed my mare to?

    imo dont use nibley union jack after hearing sooo much about him i thought he was disapointing!! and y use him when you could use karandsj
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    Arko foals, how much??

    yes armitage is much much niceer than arko, and the foal i seen by armitage had a fantastic jump fab style and shape
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    bef futurity at grange

    well the grange is the last of the venues so probably all full now, i may be wrong though because theres prob alot more breeders in the grange area
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    Best way to cover a mare

    horsegroupie [ QUOTE ] I think that is a very stupid think to say, all mares should be scanned for pregnancy WHATEVER method they have been or not been covered by. You are putting a mare at risk by not having a pregancy scan done, what if she was carrying twins, risk her life and the foals...
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    bef futurity at grange

    i sent my entries off a few days ago thinking i would be fine as its not untill the end of the month, and my frined rang today to see if they were full as she has got horses to enter and apparently they have been full for weeks.... its my own fault not for entering earlier but im doubly...
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    RANT - Studs and them changing livery terms as and when they like!

    tinkerbee - its not a studs duty to halter break your foal for you, i dont put myself out halter breaking other peoples foals and when i send mares to stud they dont halter break the foal for me and i would rather that way any way, luckilotti - i would be annoyed two if i had to pay so much...
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    Arko foals, how much??

    his fee is around the £2,500 mark to approved / proven mares only, colts are valued much more usually, i would expect around the 6k mark
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    roo pics at two weeks old

    ye he luks rly knocked kneed in that pic but i can assure you hes not lol
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    roo pics at two weeks old

    i am very proud his markings is the same as his half bro except his snip goes up the other nostril lol
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    roo pics at two weeks old

    hes by cobra (carthago x landgraf x cor de la breye) out of a tb mare
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    roo pics at two weeks old

    well on sat roo was two weeks old so thought i should take some more piccies of my boy!!! hes a bit squiffy in a couple so ul hav 2excuse him!!!
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    Bramble has foaled!!!

    ooo shes lovely gorgeous face markings
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    Sergio Grasso Boots.

    ye they do drop loads, get them so there uncomfy at first but after a while theyl be fine, and the special sergio grassio cream is worth the money and lasts ages
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    Mixing Ariat and

    i have ariat heritage boots and tredstep duluxe chaps and i love them more than my old ariat gaiters, they look really good in brown and black
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    Maximillian Stud

    think there still up and running from what i know