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    Thank you Pammy Hutton - and Horse & Hound. You're a great team!

    a great lady , love her
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    Should I rug the ponies? Opinions please!

    , all rugged here,night and day, nz day time, fleece or or thin quilt night, heating on in house.
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    the older i get and longer i have horses the more convinced i am that the horses i have love to work, and want to work and spend time with me,. after riding them i feel on a high, they too seem very contented, more contented than when they are left just to graze,i see my time riding them as...
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    Back on board.

    great news in equestrian news enjoy yourself!
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    Buying a horse with locking stifle

    we have a horse with a locking stifle and i would not sell it for any amount of money, and people who know it still ask if it is for sale, at 4 years old no one can condemn that horse
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    Buying a horse with locking stifle

    i agree
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    so sorry xxx
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    Your best description of a half halt in one sentence🙄

    half halt is what it says on the tin, you do half a halt, but before the horse changes pace you ask it to go forwards again simple
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    The Oaks

    missed it due to hair appointment, who won? did you see phoenix of spain in 2000 guineas? who do you fancy for the derby? i thought oh purple reign would have won the second race if it had been longer distance
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    Instructors for specific breeds/ways of going

    yes i think some trainers are ``specialists``because breeds of horse can vary greatly. when you understand a breed or type or even bloodline it helps to find the way of riding and training that horse to bring out the best. helping the rider to ride a particular type of horse by modifying...
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    Can anybody tell me the make of this saddle?

    probably a swiss make can`t remember the name,
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    Prostaglandin Question

    personally i would let nature take its course,and with all mares who have failed to get in foal early in the year i would try july august and even sept in preference to earlier. with your experience follow your gut which centre did you use before, was it le merlerault?
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    Disillusioned with the Horse World

    oh great so happy for you hope you can now enjoy your horse time
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    And so it begins... hoof issues :(

    i`ve had horses n the past with dodgy feet, usually youngsters, i put them on seaweed, and i am sure people on here will say not to, but by god it works on the feet, does the rest of the horse good too, often the new growth of hoof was obvious in the difference coming down from the top, in 8 weeks
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    Standing in with no food

    yes well i know that! they produce acid most of the time, but in response to set feeding times i believe the body anticipates and prepares itself in the same way it knows its night so the body switches off.