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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I also had an xracer that was fab in warm up but napped badly and reared in ring. He also may have associated the ring with the previous round that went badly if the first warm up was OK. He did seem a sensitive type which made him an unlikely candidate for MP sadly.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    I should know in a month or two if things have worked out for me. If they have then I can offer grazing for both in your area. No facilities though.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Vet as soon as you see anything. I was told by the time trouble starts its too late to get them. They would rather be either half way out and go home if all OK or carry on to check mum and baby out.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    I know its a shock but I think when its sunk in you will see it as a good thing. I think it will help heal your heart over Gypsum. I have been where you are and I thought it was the end of the world but in reality I loved having him around. Have everything crossed for a smooth foaling...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Happened to me years ago. I panicked then I coped no bother. Good luck either way. If she is in foal then maybe its meant to be and as others have said wont impact your future plans for her. After the initial shock I just saw it as a foal that was mine with 9 months less pregnancy worry as I...
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    A Very Sad Day In The Life Of A Work Rider 😭

    Saw the news on FB and wondered if it was the horse you had mentioned in your stories. So sorry to hear about it. Sods law he did it away from the track after all his mishaps and adventures. This story goes to show how loved these racehorses are. Thoughts are with you, the owners and...
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    Youngstock livery in Glasgow

    If mares owners would help I would persevere with 1 if not then no way OPtion 2 if thats what I think it is I wouldnt So poss Option 3. I think the suggestion I made earlier is closer but I have no idea on space and suitability etc
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    Youngstock livery in Glasgow

    Not the handiest given where you are but Barnhill have a good field for living out. If they had space there is ivery services so you coud ask for a daily check/feed to hep you?
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    Welcome, Hermosa

    Are the other mares out 24/7?
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    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    Last year I was advised against cold hosing in winter for a wound by my vet as the water is too chilled to help and damages newly growing flesh. Mine was an open wound that kept getting irritated. We just wiped stable debris off. ON the movement thing the same horse has a scar and now walks...
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    Farrier Recommendation Glasgow

    Euan or Paul Taylor?
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    Never thought I’d be writing this :(

    sorry i may have missed something but did this only happen when hacked alone?
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    Glasgow riding school query, re dreadfully poor animals.

    They have been reported for over a decade now by many different people but nothing ever seems to happen. I assumed they had closed till the fresh round of issues emerged
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    Vets no longer restricted to emergency work only..........

    Mine didnt stop vaccs but you had to cover several areas to safe guard the vets. I had to get mine out to do an ongoing injury treatment and we made sure there was ample space and everything was cleaned before and after his arrival. Was a bit odd discussing my horses treatment across the car...
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    Loaning a ‘sharp’ horse?

    you would definitely find someone. that's exactly what I am looking for just now as I have just paid off a huge vet bill. Just be very careful to fully vet any potentials for the correct experience with horses like him