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    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    O advice, but oooh, she looks lovely.
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    Why do people lie about having rescue horses 🐴

    People lie about themselves all the time on social media and posts about horses are no different. It’s like those lifestyle influencers with the perfect houses with not a spoon out of place. You just know that, outside of the camera shot, they have rooms where they’ve stuffed all of their crap.
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    Video Driving Horse attacked by dog in the US

    Even after being kicked repeatedly, that dog kept coming back for more. It was a menace.
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    Pictures I just wanted *one* nice photo!

    She’s beautiful and her personality certainly shows through.
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    General question on weight limits

    Most of the stables/riding schools in my area of the U.S. don't seem to have a weight limit listed. I know that a local one had a weight of 170 in the past when I looked. A casual browse today pulled up one with a 150 lb. weight limit. So there are a few, at least, that are aware of the...
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    Netflix help

    Kingdom—which has a Korean prince trying to get his kingdom back...with zombies thrown in the mix! The Good Place—comedy that makes philosophy fun
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    Charlie update

    He has a really nice face.
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    Show me your oldies

    Not my oldie, as I am alas, horseless, but the neighborhood oldie, Sidekick. He’s 25-30.
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    Show me your oldies

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    Just sharing, coronavirus,especially for us older people!

    I’m a youngish 59, but am not fit—am obese, have high blood pressure (ok with meds) and asthma. Prediabetic too. Lucky to be able to work from home. Taking self isolation very seriously. Taking a walk every day in my neighborhood to keep spirits up and to get exercise. Walked with a friend today...
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    New Horse - sort of - I've just bought my share horse!

    He’s magnificent!
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    They just know, don't they

    Oh, he looks so pretty (or should I say handsome)!
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    Sheep and horses

    My only exposure to sheep is livestock at fiber festivals, so obviously not an expert here. However, at the last festival there were some Gotland sheep that were incredibly friendly, really almost like large happy dogs.
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    Show me a lovely recent picture

    It's a ukulele box. He loves it, even though he spills over the sides.