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    Unusual Droppings

    oh and sorry I forgot to say, her teeth are great, they are done every nine months, and recently in April this year. Thank you for your contributions.
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    Unusual Droppings

    Thanks for the link, that is certainly Tilly in a nutshell...'sour smelling droppings'. I think I'll go for a second opinion as my previous vet dismissed the issue. Thank you
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    Unusual Droppings

    Thanks two years ago I suspected ulcers and the vet came to visit her. He took a blood test and she was found to have a tapeworm infestation. Having got that cleared up we've never re-visited the possibility of an ulcer issue. Looks like i'd better start going down that route...
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    Unusual Droppings

    She's on on grass at the moment with mineral licks as she is currently half way through a year off due to a tendon injury. When she's in work she has Just Grass Chaff, Ground Micronised Linseed, Dodson and Horrell Build Up Cubes and Sugar Beet and ad lib the correct quantities...
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    Bulk Bedding Buy

    Wow I'm so p,eased I read this post. I was just about to order wood pellets but see that Agripelletts are just down the road from me! I'm a little confused however, are the Agripellets for fuel cheaper than the marketed equestrian ones? Are they treated with Protek?
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    Unusual Droppings

    I'm hoping you forumists might have some bright ideas about what is going on with my mare's digestive system. Her droppings have always been much bigger and looser than any of the other horses, they resemble cow pats, very loose and there is an unpleasant gassy smell to then rather than smelling...
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    Help with nervous traveller: recommend a good calmer?

    My youngster has sweated up travelling in a trailer/lorry since the first day I picked her up. 3 years on, there is no improvement. She has no hesitation to load, she walks straight into the trailer and stands there happily, but as soon as we set off she starts to sweat with...
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    Heavy Weight Turnout

    Me too! Mine (same as the rug above) is now 6 years old, and I've just sent it off for its first wash a re-proof. Amazing as its never clung onto the dirt and its had some serious use. Just love these rugs, well made, wear well and you never in any doubt that your pony is snug as a bug inside!
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    Horsebox Auctions?

    I urgently need to sell my lorry. Does anyone know if there are auctions one can enter a horsebox in? Many thanks
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    Horse Psychic's - any experiances??

    I used one recently and she was very accurate......... for the long term she just helped re-inforce the underlying problems that I knew deep down were not helping towards my mares scittish teeth, pelvis out and saddle not fitting well. To summarise, she didn't tell me...
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    Are lorries just NOT selling?

    Maybe its the area where are living. Everyone has 2010 Oakley Scania' seems to want a good reliable old workhorse!
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    Are lorries just NOT selling?

    I'm selling a 7.5tonne, 3 horse, 1991 iveco with massive living and she's selling an x Reg DAF hunting box for 2 horses with a changing area and small kitchen.
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    Are lorries just NOT selling?

    A friend and I have both had our lorries up for sale for 6 months now. Both of us have only had 2/3 people to view and its always people who have never had lorries before, wasting time and asking stupid questions. I have been told that I have got a very accurate price on the lorry by an...
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    Somewhere for me and my horse to live: Mid Cotswolds Stow/Bourton/Northleach area.

    I need a fresh start and have decided I'm going to move house to the Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-Water, Northleach area. So firstly for my neddy I'm looking for a nice quiet yard with an airy stable (he has breathing issues), good grazing and nice hacking and preferably a school. DIY...
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    Blown his head on Top Spec

    Its an interesting comment about the separation anxiety...and something that I hadn't linked to the switch to Top Spec...but he has become a total nutter when I bring him out of the field and he's stood on the yard on his own. He cant bear for the other horses to be out of his sight and gets...