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    Fuchsia Help! Anyone got green fingers?

    I bought a fuchsia last spring and potted it. It ended up being two plants intertwined together and it bloomed all summer and autumn and looked magnificent. I spent many hours caring for it and now I think I've murdered it :( Being a very inexperienced gardener, I took advice from my neighbour...
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    Shopping at HOYS

    I went yesterday, have been going for many years and can honestly say the shopping this year has been the worst its ever been. Like the OP said, just a handful of horse related stalls... the rest of them just a complete waste of time: eyebrow makeup stuff, a million pushy charity stalls, about...
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    I agree, makes me so sad. Also such a waste of the charity's time too. They are self funded and very small so messing them about is such a blow.
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    I don't know the full detail but from what I understand, small children were never ever mentioned and it is one of the many questions that is asked. There's not much you can do if people aren't truthful.
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    Awe such a shame, she would have been perfect for you by the sounds of it. We had a JRT and he was definitely not up for sharing us haha!
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    Yes they were very specific with what she needed and were very honest with the family. She came with a list of conditional requirements and they family were fully vetted beforehand and the dog went to their house twice on home visits before she was adopted. The chairty are so careful with who...
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    Puppy farm rescue, so frustrating!

    My friend owns a non profit rescue charity and actively rescues dogs from awful puppy farms. She recently rescued a gorgeous sweet Cavalier King Charles bitch who has spent her 5 years of her little life on a puppy farm knowing nothing but cruelty. My friend spent months showing her that not...
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    Saddles for cobs

    I used to use a Black Country on my Welsh D who was very wide with no wither. Fit him very well and it was the comfiest saddle ever.
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    Best turnout rugs for a cob with big shoulders/chest and bum

    I had a Welsh D with a huge neck and shoulders (cut late) and he was a nightmare for rugs. He needed 6ft but his shoulders didn't fit in them, the next size up hung off his back and bum. So I found the Premiere Equine ones and Rambo ones fitted especially well. Master, Weatherbeta etc never...
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    Can I have some CC / thoughts on my XC video please?

    Also, I think you're focussing on the critical comments and not the positive ones. A lot of people (me included) have very complimentary and think you did very well. Try and read through the good comments and relish them.
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    Can I have some CC / thoughts on my XC video please?

    Well if I had gone out there and done what you've done on a young horse that I had broken myself, I would be on top of the world. I think you did fab. If you did, then that's all that matters. Everyone has different standards of riding/horses/style, but if that was me doing what you did in your...
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    Can I have some CC / thoughts on my XC video please?

    Awe she is a gorgeous horse and so honest! She reminds me of my mare who I sadly lost, she was one in a million. You two just look a bit disjointed at the moment but I think you look like you're early on in your partnership and show loads of promise! She looks happy and content and you both...
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    For those who have given up horses...would you go back?

    This is my second break from horses. First one was a 7 year break while I was at uni. Sold my horse of a lifetime and then after I grauated/got a job/got married/bought a house, I bought myself a horse again. After 4 lovely years, I sadly lost my precious boy in 2016 and held off getting...
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    Liverpool Horse Show Saturday night - any update?

    It wasnt Von Essen or Crush, the link is here: