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    Rug for young horse!

    l bought my youngster a rhinegold rug although l’d never used them before l didn’t want to pay out on a really good rug incase she was a rug wrecker. Apart from that she was on the slender side so it was a nightmare finding a suitable fit. l was presently surprised it fitted her well & found...
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    Very excited

    That’s fantastic news Abi hope all goes well at the weekend so
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    Sarcoids and Newmarket Blood Root Cream?

    l used it over 10 years ago on our nf pony & it did it’s job perfectly. It isn’t pleasant stuff & it looks worse before it gets better. She never had one grow back and if any of mine ever had a sarcoid l wouldn’t hesitate using it again.
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - A Lot Can Happen In A Year!

    l wish l could come to the open day but abit too far for me. Love open days at racing yards as l love TBs. Went to Colin Tizzard’s on Bank Holiday Monday whilst on holiday & thoroughly enjoyed it he’s really down to earth & l got to finally see Thistlecrack who was simply more gorgeous in...
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    Will she never stop growing?!

    Nothing to add only that Flower is definitely growing more gorgeous!
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    Warm riding gloves

    l got a lovely pair of heated gloves for christmas & they are fan. Sure he got them off ebay.
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    Alf's retirement...

    Glad Alf is so active l try & ride my old girl asap but not had much chance as l’ve been doing more poo picking than riding due to the awful weather we’ve had this winter.
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    Bathing and clipping

    l try & bath mine a couple of days before clipping & l prefer to do this if l can. As when l’ve only groomed thoroughly on the lead up to clipping my clippers have found it harder to go through the hair & the blades have sharp & the right tension setting. On the three yards l was on always used...
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    Alf's retirement...

    Totally love Alfie & glad he’s still enjoying Not being retired. Enjoy the updates about him :-)
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    ARGH!!! Midges ....

    l’ve seen afew round our field near the stream & they’ve begun feasting on me had two rather large sore bites to contend with :-( Not seen any near our muckheap but it’s getting big so need that removing before the midges have a birthday!!!
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    Did you drive behind a RDA trailer recently?

    Nothing to add but just wanted to say that l hope it’s found soon.
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    new horse, after loosing horse of a lifetime.

    So sorry that you lost your mare losing your best friend is never easy. l lost my pony of a lifetime in 2002 after 12 wonderful years together. To me nothing could compare to him although he wasn’t the boldest of jumpers he was a trier & you felt safe. He was so affectionate if l was down he’d...
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    Happy xmas

    Merry Christmas to you too Downton Dame & everyone else. Hope everyone including equines & other animals have a great day. Going to be busy as cooking for 10 & won’t be able to have a tipple until night but looking forward to supporting our local hunt on boxing day
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    Worrying behaviour, wwyd?

    Like the others have said separate your boy from your mare asap. It’s an accident waiting to happen on my last yard a girl moved her welsh cob and at first everything went ok then out of the blue afew weeks late her mare kicked mine for no reason my mare was minding her own business...