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    Fertility in stallions and age

    Well, thanks for the thought! I am never unwell (livestock doesn't allow that luxury) but I have recently had a couple of days in hospital. Home again now and back to the usual routine. 28 year old mare (Glentrowan Belina) couldn't get up this morning and gave me a good scare. I had to get the...
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    Fertility in stallions and age

    I've noticed a tendency for horses to be considered "old" at a much younger age these days. So what about the age of a working stallion? The usual reference books are no help. I have bred pedigree livestock (sheep, dogs, horses) for a few decades and age in a sire is always to good thing. Nature...
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    Firework display right next door and no contact. WWYD

    The Senior Officer, xxxxx Police Station, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx-shire Dear Sir, Fireworks This evening, at approximately 7pm, I was alarmed by a series of very loud bangs, in quick succession, like to a machine gun, which continued for about 30 seconds. When I went to the back door, I could see...
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    How many of you use round pens and what for?

    Well, what a lot of negative comments! I couldn't do without mine! For one, the trailer is permanently backed up to the second gate and everyone gets occasional loading practice. Most self load because there's usually feed in there. A round pen is a moderately confined space so all sorts of...
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    Electric fence - is wire ok or should I stick to tape?

    I have had permanent electrified wire fences here for about 30 years with only one serious accident (12 ponies on average), touch wood. As has been said, wire is OK with a few caveats. The wire I use, and recommended for permanent electric fencing, is high tensile galvanised steel 2.5mm. A...
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    Vet practices taken over by big business

    I now have an estimate from one of the vets I have contacted for the 'routine operation' (castration). So I have two prices, one from an independent and one from the practice owned by big business, within a radius of about 40 miles. I have also discovered that a third practice will still do...
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    Vet practices taken over by big business

    Thank you for the 'welcome back'! It is appreciated!:) I haven't posted on this thread since my first one as I knew the subject would generate a good debate, which it has done. This subject needs to be aired; and probably regulated. My main point was the difficulty in researching and comparing...
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    Vet practices taken over by big business

    Probably of general interest so posting here rather than in veterinary. My vets have been taken over by one of the large vet groups and it seems to me that fees for a routine surgical operations have escalated. I could be wrong but as it seems to be impossible to compare prices so I don't...
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    Keeping horse alone?

    Discussed this with a WHW officer recently. Horses need to be able to mutually groom with another horse so it is illegal to keep one on it's own. See item 3 below: Legislation The Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes owners and keepers responsible for ensuring that the welfare needs of their animals...
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    what to do with incontinent old dog.

    I shot my beloved 'Foxy' last night. I had this dog from a pup and she was with me 24 hours a day. She'd been to the vet's who wanted to open her up for exploratory surgery. The x-rays showed nothing conclusive. She had been fussy over her food for weeks, was gradually losing weight, and finally...
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    2 year old

    Thanks, people, for reminding me why I hardly ever post on this forum these days! School holidays already? I am guessing the 2yo is a Highland. So, starting from scratch, I'd get a soil analysis done to identify any trace element deficiencies. Knowing the OP is a regular, she has already done...
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    Humane fox snares

    And your experience of foxes and their control is....?
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    Humane fox snares

    Just an aside from someone who used to control foxes. Snares may not be very humane but they are a lot more humane than the fox that attacks a pregnant ewe incapacitated through being in labour or on it's back. I have seen plenty of cases where foxes have made these attacks by entering at...
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    Feeding for a highland pony?

    I agree with all the an extent. My three mares and a stallion are in a three acre paddock with ad lib access to hay. The grass would seem to be non-existent. Probably 10mm in height. (See photo below). Yet the ponies are grazing away, in good healthy condition, quite contendedly and...
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    Advertising on horse trailers

    I have "Ifor Williams" on mine....!!!