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    girths for a sensitive TB mare

    I've found the leather Atherstone type ones great for my sensitive TB.
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    Stupidest things YOU'VE said or done?

    Many things! I once left my injured (lame) mare tired up, tightly, in the stable, whilst I went to call the vet, with her stall guard chain done up, but the stable door open. Came back from the house to find out outside her stable, panicking because her rope was now very tight. How on earth...
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    Stupidest things YOU'VE said or done?

    Omg, haha! People will of thought you were looking for the local hunt! :D
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    Bitting advice

    Ah OK. You could try a loose ring with a copper roller mouthpiece, as this will discourage her from leaning or taking hold of the bit.
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    Bitting advice

    Firstly, have you checked her teeth/ back/ saddle first, just to make sure she's not being awkward because she's in pain? As you say she's very green, I'd recommend lots of schooling to get her more responsive, as opposed "sticking a piece of metal in her mouth", so to speak - finding a good...
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    Clipping now?

    I did my mare's final clip on Monday. All I did was clip her legs off (she had been hunter clipped since October), as her summer coat is already (slowly) starting to come through on her body. If your horse's summer coat is already starting to come through, then no, I wouldn't clip, however if...
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    Ron's (Finally Went) Hunting Diary

    Great report, Ron! :) Hope you and your rider aren't too sore after that fall.
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    rip my lovely boy. :( pts friday.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    WHat's the daftest thing your horse has spooked at ?

    Used to own a horse that would spook at daffodils, and hay.....
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    So, so sad for all involved. What an utterly awful thing to of happened.
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    What Length Girth Does your 14hh-ish Pony Take?

    My 14hh NF takes a 36" girth, which has to be done up on the highest holes, as it's a tad big.
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    Sad update on "always lame TB"

    Oh how sad. I'm very sorry. As the above poster has said, perhaps you should give yourself a bit of time before making further decisions, and then see what you want to do. Many hugs to you at this awful time. x
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    Hes bald!

    He looks so handsome now OP! :)
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    RIP Fizzy wizz

    Oh how dreadful. Sending many hugs your way. I'm so sorry. R.I.P. Fizz.
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    Who wipes their nose on the back of their gloves when riding

    *Walks in sheepishly*....Me *Hangs head in shame*....But only when hunting when I can't reach a handkerchief.