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    Small claims court

    are you a bhs gold member? I would call them for legal advise.
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    Livery problems

    at what frequency were had to agreed to pay rent? Weekly? Monthly? Legally you have to give a period notice of the time amount you pay. So if you pay weekly you need to give her another months rent, if weekly, just a week. However she has broken the agreement by withholding services and field...
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    Anyone use Thunderbrooks dog food?

    would like to as has done wonders for my horse but sadly too expensive and my boys already do v well on Millies
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    limited exercise for puppies

    I have always stuck very strictly to the 5 min/month of age rule with my German Shorthaired Pointers as guided by my vet and equine/canine physio and KC and breeders! Never had any problems with their energy levels and they aren't a dopey breed. I very rarely do any lead or road walking anyway...
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    For those with dogs who pull

    Thanks for the suggestion but that's not really an option - he can be dog aggressive so can't be let off/I don't have a garden. ah, I wonder if that is actually a massive part of the issue.... My dogs would be horrendous if they never could go off lead and run. He must have so much pent up...
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    For those with dogs who pull

    Train is OFF LEAD first Take him somewhere you can go straight off lead and go for a walk. every now and again, recall and ask him to heal and show with a treat where you want him to be, walk and few steps, reward and release. Repeat and repeat until you can do longer distances. I retained my...
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    Puppy pooing in his pen

    You say yard... does it have any grass? Quite often dogs don't like to go on concrete.
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    Puppy pooing in his pen

    Yes he needs to go out more often. An hour is usually too long for 9 week old puppy. No I wouldn't give him anything outside to go on. It will confuse him and hell then end up going on the same texture indoors
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    Puppy pooing in his pen

    how often are you taking him out and how old is he? When my boys were tiny I took them out every half hour. If he doesn't understand yet that he doesn't poo inside you need to watch him constantly and as soon as he gives to the body language he's about to go (sniffing/circling) you pick him up...
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    Neutering puppies (or not)

    The way I deal with this is to not bring it up with the vet!! If a vet mentions it I don't enter into a 'discussion' about it I simply say he will be 'done' once he is fully grown. Quite flatly. No tone for an opening opportunity for them to give me their opinion. Exactly the same tone I have...
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    Thunderbrooks Daily Essentials

    I've used it and a couple of my friends too for over a year now and recommend it. All have done really well on it. Even my physio commented on how much stronger my mare looked and if anything she has done less work ha ha (and had a balanced diet from another brand previous)
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    Cutting claws...... SUCH a trauma.....

    I do see some photos and wonder to be honest how on earth they manage to get the quick back so far! not that i think its good but I just don't think it would be possible with my guys even if I wanted to.
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    Cutting claws...... SUCH a trauma.....

    No their nails don't touch the floor but they can still use them! They aren't excessively short but when they are stood there is clear air between their nails and the floor. Having had a lot of nail problems with them (cracks and splits which with my eldest lead to a nail bed infection that...
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    Cutting claws...... SUCH a trauma.....

    I'll send you a vid over fb next time I'm doing one of the boys To keep them short I am finding I have to do it every 4/5 days though otherwise get long again!
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    Cutting claws...... SUCH a trauma.....

    Harley has always been a nightmare. Totally hated it. Typical GSP with very thick tough black nails too. He's split and cracked them before too to the point of having a toe amputated as nail bed became infected so constant worry and stress. Then I saw on fb a group called dog nail maintenance...