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    So nagging with your legs...

    Is very much acceptable in Olympic dressage. Some awful riding seen today, but hey because they are Olympians it's acceptable... Sigh.
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    What the heck was he doing? What should I do!?

    No nobody does know your horse or his situation but you are still asking for help with him... People are trying to suggest what might be the issue but you don't seem to be listening. The most important thing is to get that saddle fit checked. It may cost to do so but you can't skimp on these...
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    My spontaneous trip horse shopping in Ireland!

    Chestnut for me too. Don't like the bay's front legs I'm afraid and they will not change for the better with age!
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    Denman on C4 NOW on race named after him

    He looks fantastic and full of beans! Liked the comments about Kauto Star earlier too... Come on Houblon Des Obeaux :)
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    kauto star at olympia. Oh my

    I'm astounded people think she is a good rider! Truly awful. KS deserves so much more than this. I hated the fact that a horse that loved to gallop and jump was going to be 'made' into a dressage horse anyway - such a terrible decision all round :(
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    No but you are standing by them by continuing to use their 'services'. Disgraceful :(
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    What would the right punishment for Ben Maher have been?

    He definitely should have had a ban for that awful (and so public!) display of temper and bad horsemanship. I didn't have an opinion of him before as I hadn't heard about his previous bad behaviour but now I do and it isn't good. I really feel for the horses he rides :(
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    My first ever ODE - and we fell over!

    He is rather lovely! On top of what others have said I would keep a line slightly more to the left next time as when he ran out you were quite a bit to the right (I think - forgive me if I'm wrong!). Onwards and upwards rather than downwards :D
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    pi@@ed off about ebay & their promise to refund every b@tch out

    I really don't understand some of the replies on this thread! You have every right to be peed off, I hope you get some joy through the courts. Don't let the buyer get away with it and stay off Ebay! ;) Wouldn't touch the site with a barge pole myself but that's just me :)
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    Let him or fight him?

    Hmmm OP I would broach this with your instructor. No disrespect but you may need to find different 'buttons' when using your legs (and to keep him straight too!). At the moment your pony isn't listening and whacking him with the whip isn't really teaching very him much except to expect pain if...
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    Aoife Clark - any news on her horse?

    Even my non horsey mum pointed out the horse wasn't right after the ditch debacle and said 'told you it wasn't happy' when it turned turtle over the other fence. So why the hell didn't Aofie notice it wasn't right?? Shocking riding :(
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    The Egypt Horse Project ?

    Oh I had a right old slanging match with that cow's mother. I should have walked away but didn't. According to her her daughter is an absolute angel and hasn't done anything wrong. Just disgusting.
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    Oh no, looks like the scammers are back on here again!!

    These ones were around about a month ago. There was a massive list of fake documents they could 'supply'. Disgusting :(
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    Welfare issues with polo?

    It's a very ugly 'sport' and not one I would want anything to do with :(
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    Wowee! Brit Pack survive their first USEA 3DE in California!

    I love reading your reports! Flipping well done to both of you, what a combination you are :)