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    Michael Marino Madison Equine Services

    We sent our horse to him some years ago to be sold. After six weeks he hadn't improved it one bit and said his groom had fallen in love with it so could she buy it for a quarter of the price, stressing it would have a permanent home etc. We agreed and saw it advertised by him three months...
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    Professional help with difficult loader. Near Bristol.

    Garry Stephens (Horsemanship Garry) on facebook, highly recommend, we use him to train all our youngsters to load.
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    Has anyone used Equine America Blackdraw?

    Yes it is an old remedy packaged as something new. It works well.
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    Not CR - any of those who have built an indoor tack room?

    Ours is made of middle price block and each block is also glued making it harder to destroy for a burglar. The inside is lined with insulation boarding and the roof was thick plywood and lined on the inside with the insulated stuff. Just a standard flat roof but if you need storage on top you...
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    Stage 3 - horse wouldn't move

    In my experience you will be wasting your time. My daughter got mixed up with another girl when they were told to go out of order. Despite having a watching BHSI and BHS Int tell them afterwards they were mistaken and posting them a photo they would not change their minds and admit there had...
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    Arena build - membrane or blinding?

    Having done it both ways I can promise you a membrane is essential not an option. Oh yes it works without but over time the stones loosen with the impact from the hooves and they start working their way up through the surface to the top. A few other tips are do not store the membrane in...
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    Arena mirrors- pics of yours/ advice

    Don't whatever you do glue them to the backing boards, it makes them warp. It cost us far more to pay the builders to install them and they warped them than it would have been had we used the professional mirror people. Lesson learned.
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    Caught trespassing in a Devon field.

    Very ancient bottle green small single axle horsebox with a yellow/gold coloured stripe going higher towards the back. Two men eyeing up horses were chased out of the field late one evening earlier this week, no number plate possible as they had covered it with something tied on with string...
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    Help me write a notice to keep interfering local out of my field

    Put a notice up "Beware adders seen please keep your dog on a short lead" He probably won't enter the field ever again.... We have a footpath through two fields and the best way is an inner electric fence with low strands so dogs respect it . Provided you stick a sign on the entrance to...
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    what the...????

    I think as this appears to be alleged not proven and sounds vindictive in it's wording it disappeared earlier today due to the legal nature of the claims. Possibly removed by admin.
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    Opinions on these feet please?

    I'm loathe to comment really as I know zero about barefoot trimming, but the angle of the hoof looks all wrong, far too sloping and with all the weight on the heels. Here the retired horses get rare trims as their feet wear down on the granite soil naturally into the shape that best keeps them...
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    We made horse and Hound!

    If you can't see anything here try facebook Narramore Stud page, there are loads on there. (this may get deleted though honest I'm not advertising just trying to show friends a photo)
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    We made horse and Hound!

    It's the curse of Henryhorn and pictures, that always happens to me!
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    We made horse and Hound!

    It will appear eventually, I persuaded the Fuzzy Furry to post it on my behalf, as I am pants at posting photos other than on facebook!
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    We made horse and Hound!

    Some of the long time forumites will remember the story of Narramore Musicman or William who was seriously ill as a foal and was given little hope of survival. Well survive he did and he is now 6 and busy competing, today he has a write up and photo on pages 68/69 after he won his last three...