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    what hat do you have?

    Same here....and as I have a peanut head I have a kids one, thus cheaper ;)
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    Hacking out with someone on a bike?

    When I was introducing mine to hacking out my young daughter used to come with bike complete with handle bar tassels lol.
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    Feeling grateful for what I've got, not just want want want

    I was the pony mad girl, working for rides and wishing for a pony every Christmas ( what do you mean, it can't live in the garden?) I was dissuaded from working with horses by my parents, who wisely told me if only be able to afford a horse if I got a good job, cos only rich people could have...
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    How to sit up straight ...

    I recommend pilates too...fabulous for core muscles. Also check your stirrup length, it's easy to have them too long which means you get unbalanced and tip forward, especially in trot.
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    Yeah Alf - very funny!

    Mine saw me coming yesterday and ran off, did a few perfect circles and figures of eight and when I decided to ignore him he crept up behind me in stealth mode and snorted in my ear!
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    Eating less when hay is on the floor?

    Mine eat less when the hay is on the floor, all three of them. They just self regulate better. Feeding from the floor is so much better than using nets for so many reasons....back, neck, teeth, respiration :) ETA presumably she has no problems getting her head to the floor whilst out grazing?
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    Comfy seat savers

    Acavallo "gel out" .....tis brill.
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    Fashion Tips for the Discerning Horsey Woman

    I just popped into my corner shop apres-yard and for once wasn't the worst dressed in there. Large lady, wearing shocking pink dressing gown, PJ bottoms and leopard print slippers. That's gotta trump my fleece, breeches and boots. Although I was probably smellier.......
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    so... im in hospital!

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    Fashion Tips for the Discerning Horsey Woman

    I have two looks'.... Equi-skank ensemble involves breeches with busted zip, carrier bags lining my wellies a musto coat with ripped armpits (both so matching really). Plus an eye watering stench that I am immune to but which quite quickly fills the local shop, especially if there's a queue. I...
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    Spring grass already?

    Yes....might not look like there's much there but it's definitely coming through. Mine was rodeo pony yesterday....possibly not good idea to ride a very fresh Arab, full of spring grass, in high winds but hey ho :)
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    so... im in hospital!

    Just a thought....if you can be somehow winched into the saddle, technically that wouldn't be weight bearing? ;) Wishing you a speedy recovery x
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    short stirrups good or bad?

    Depends on your saddle.....I've put mine up two holes recently and its a revelation, my position is better and I feel more secure.
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    Horses with "human" names

    I have a Toby. I know a Phil, always makes me giggle.
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    Individual or together......

    Together...all 3 of them. One mare, two geldings. Right now they go out into the winter trash paddock which is about the size of a dressage arena. They play, groom and snooze together and come in at night.