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    Selling a 'quirky' horse - advice please!

    So she is green. Moves well and has a natural easy jump. Does she enjoy her jumping and is she easy to a fence? Has she competed at all? Does she hack? Concentrate on her positives but suggest would suit quiet experienced rider. You want to encourage people to call you for a chat, you can talk...
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    Questions for if you've ever bought a "ready made" horse...

    I think the term ready-made is sometimes confused with push-button and to be honest horses don't tend to come pre-programmed in that way. Yes of course you can buy something well schooled and obedient, but you do need to know how to press the buttons and with a level of feel. A lot of horses...
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    Selling a 'quirky' horse - advice please!

    Can you define why you refer to her as quirky? I think it is an overused term and it puts people off - you might be doing her a disservice by using it. How old is she, what has she done and is she talented? all these things make a big difference along with how easy she is to do. Sometimes it is...
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    Update: deep breath, pulling socks up and continuing to sparkle.

    I too was sorry to hear about CS - a hard but brave decision to make for him. Goofy looks like he is going to give you a lot of fun :)
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    Any tips for PetPlans?!

    Well done Nannon! Lovely photo :)
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    Any tips for PetPlans?!

    Cool thanks! Will give them a call. If no joy I'll message you on FB :)
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    Any tips for PetPlans?!

    There didn't seem to be any plaques at Houghton :( Do you know if I can get one from BD MM?
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    Any tips for PetPlans?!

    If this is a new venue for you, or your horse is likely to be spooky or a bit looky, then I would do the arena walk. The arena will be probably be dressed with drapes, there will most likely be flower arrangements and two judges tables with banners and tablecloths so you are at an advantage if...
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    Event horse

    Definitely widen your search area - you are discounting super horses that will fit the bill by being unwilling to travel. You can gather lots of information, check records and watch videos to minimise the risks of wasting your time but sometimes you just have to invest the time. I travelled over...
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    Tired horses XC

    The more technical the courses the more questions we are asking of the horses. In the old days perhaps it was just fitness and bravery that got horses round but now they are being asked more so surely this must create a mental tiredness too?
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    Tired horses XC

    This seems to be a topic much discussed recently and I was wondering what people's views were on the reasons we seem to have seen more tired horses recently. In the days of long format I don't recall there being horses looking so tired towards the end of the course, but of course we didn't...
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    A very happy conclusion to Buzz's story

    Wonderful news. An amazing journey!
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    BD Members - I'm running for Marketing Director

    Another who finds the slow results very frustrating. Most BE results are up the same day and if they take a couple of days they are deemed 'slow'. My last BD results took 7 weeks to go online! When I have chased BD in the past they have blamed the show centres for not sending the results in...
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    Nick Gauntlett

    Real shame for Nick :( Agree, interesting move.....
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    Dirty stopper, any experience s?

    So the vet has passed her for low level schooling and jumping and you are putting her at 1.10 fences. Not very fair is it?