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    Speak to a specialist vet please. Dont just slap cream on it.
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    Happy Retirement Un de Sceaux

    what a horse, great owners too. His Ryanair win, when he tanked off with Ruby, who was nothing more than a passenger, was something else. Have a great retirement UDS :)
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    Arc Equine

    If anyone wants one, I have one for sale. Please PM for details
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    Kemboy et al

    I think it's an internal management of the syndicate rather than dishonesty in the running of horses. I don't think there are betting irregularities.
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    And another one bites the dust...... :(

    If I'm paying a lot of money to someone who is providing a 'service' I too expect to be treated like a customer. I dont expect to pay a lot of money for the service and then have to join in to provide the service. if you are running a hunt (or any other business) to provide a service to the...
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    Hi Form v's Science Supplements

    SS all the way for me. The only company who have proven scientific evidence against all their products. But yes you would still need to feed your balance or separate vits and mins as the SS Flex Pro is a joint supplement not an all round feed. Hi Form make some clains. No evidence to back...
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    if you watch the reply from the centre of the course view (i think its on ATR), you will see, as Crystal Ocean heads her in the final furlong, she tilts her head to glance at him, ears back, as if to say not today lad, before she sticks her head out. Thats very alpha female behaviour. I...
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    Weirdness with near stifle - vet rec at Ashbrook?

    Personally i would go straight to an orthopedic specialist who will be far more experienced at assessing your horse by eye as a start point before they got to any expensive diagnostic work. Ashbrook wouldnt be my choice of vets for this type of work. My personal choice would be Campbell...
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    Sarcoids - this is WAR!

    FFS, get a specialist vet to look at it. Stop messing about with home made potions. Would you seriously put toothpaste on your own skin lesions ?
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    Worst thing the cat's done.

    My youngest cat, who is like a small lion, rugby tackled the neighbours dog the other day. it bounced him while he was minding his own business which resulted in a game of chase (cat chasing dog) with dog being floored and pinned to the ground. its quite a small dog and it has no recall or...
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    Clipping in summer??

    I clip mine all year round, even when he was showing. In the winter he has a hunter clip and in the summer it all comes off. Hes much happier for it.
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    Any working hunter courses to hire within an hour or so from Chester?

    Warren Farm in Formby usually set theirs up for anyone wanting RI practice.
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    Cue Card

    Ah well, as long as hes not doing dressage !!!!
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    Tell me about Irish draughts

    I've got a pure bred as well. Smartest horse I've ever owned. Kind and unflappable but with a mind of his own and always 10 steps in front of you, thinking for himself. He has done a bit of everything and been very successful in the show ring and at dressage. Loves to jump, but sees...
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    Horse won't cross over left hind, seems very stiff, no obvious injury and not lame

    call the vet. Chiro, Equine TTouch, saddler and dentist are not qualified to give a lameness assessment. You can't rehab an injury properly unless you know what you are rehabbing and the specific exercises needed. So, call the vet.