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    Top tip for Grand National 2013...

    Only one name for him........ The FLYING Scotsman!!
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    I need a new skull.....

    oops yes should have put skull cap!! duh!
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    I would need - 1 - What licence they hold - B or BE 2 - Unladen/empty weight of the towing vehicle 3 - GVW of the towing vehicle 4 - GTW and/or towing capacity of the towing vehicle 5 - Plated MAM of the trailer or if no plate then the load rating on the tyres 6 - Unladen/empty weight of...
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    I need a new skull.....

    Which do you reccomend? I have the Charles Owen J3 at the moment and im in the market for a new one and the choice is mind boggling!! What do you have? Oh and hello again I havent been on here for ages, hope your all well x
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    You know the saying "Change is as good as a rest"?

    Thanks im so happy, a year of tests and lots of ££ and a simple yard move sorts it out!! Cant wait to get out and about with her!!
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    You know the saying "Change is as good as a rest"?

    ITS TRUE!!! Some of you will know the problems ive been having with my mares respiritory problem, well its nearly a year and she has been scoped, prodded x-rayed etc etc had more drugs than i can remember never really getting answers or a resolution. She has remained off work for most of this...
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    Supplement suggestion that can be fed without much feed?

    I will have a look at that thanks, anymore suggestions?
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    Supplement suggestion that can be fed without much feed?

    I noticed my cob mare liking the ground yesterday so im thinking she must be deficiant in something? (salt?) She wont lick one of those licky things so thats out so im thinking supplement but I would like one that could be fed without or with very little feed. She does not need any feed at all...
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    Invested in a 'POLITE' Tabard...

    I noticed a massive difference when I wore my new one! Its really fab, im thinking of getting the hat band for the full effect!
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    Horse damaged my car- HELP/ADVICE

    A horse reared up and fell backwards on my new car and did a few thousand pounds worth of damage, the owner said straight away that she would pay even if her insurance wouldnt. She was insured with the NFU who refused to pay as they said the accident couldnt be predicted. The owner refused to...
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    Help for Hovis' diary - i need some quotes

    "Bridget Jones Diary" pales in comparision!! Hovis Friday Diary for the modern horse!!
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    Good enough for Maxi cob classes???

    Wow what a stunner!! He is a cracker lucky you! Get yourself to some shows. If you look on FB search maxi cobs as they have a page dedicated to the HOYS maxi cob class.
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    Grazing muzzles, anyone use them?

    Thanks guys ill go google the various different sorts, seems to be a general opinion that you need to make the hole a little bit bigger? I think i will give one a bash and see how we get on! Thanks again
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    Grazing muzzles, anyone use them?

    A few questions, what are the best ones to buy? How long do you leave them on for? Do you leave on over night or in the day? Roughly how much grass can they still get? Any other pieces of advice you can offer me would be greatly apreciated as have never used one before but feel I might need one...