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    How essential is it to share before buying your first horse?

    I did a fabulous share for 10 years. But they are very hard to find. Right owner, yard, horse etc. Had plenty of wrong ones along the way. Sounds like you have a good set up where you are. I would be guided by them and find that perfect horse, that is just yours! Good luck!
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    Clunky H&H!

    Thank you bradsmum! Glad it’s not just me then with the weird typing and loading thing. But, again, now working fine! Maybe more ads now to pay for site slowing things down? News site I’m on does same thing. Understand they need to make sites financially viable though.
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    Clunky H&H!

    Is anyone else finding the site really slow to upload, browse? Or even to type in? Used to use it regularly. Been away for a while. It’s not my internet connection. Typing this is working fine, ironically! Anyway, good wishes to you all. 😊
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    Eddie Macken and the one and only Boomerang

    Loved Marion and Stroller. They were my icons. Also Eddie and Boomerang.
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    Mucking out gloves

    Nitrile gloves. Bought from Horse & Health for about £6. They are thin enough to do jobs, but just about enough to keep my rubbish fingers warm.
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    how cold is too cold to ride?

    I’m missing riding out on freezing days. Horse having died. Do not miss the stupid raynauds syndrome in my fingers, though. But did get it in Tesco’s the other day! Rubbish without advantage of being with a horse.
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    Just caught up with Olympia. John Whitaker, aged 63, in World Cup qualifier. And his baby brother, Michael. A mere 58. If you’re fit enough, go for it! Worried about that earlier comment about hips though. Haven’t ridden for a year.
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    Gloves, which are properly waterproof.....

    I also have reynauds. Use nytryl gloves while doing jobs. Bought from Horse Health, but sure can get them everywhere. They’re thin enough to be dexterous but keep in warmth. Then swap over to seal skins or ski gloves to ride, depending on how cold it is. People laugh at my many sets of gloves...
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    Working livery - how much work?

    I would be cautious of this. Riding school I used to attend, considered prestigious, uses working liveries for two hours a day. One day off a week. Was £100 a week back then, god knows what it is now. Have also seen horses lying down there with saddles on!
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    WEG showjumping team final on red button NOW!

    Scott Brash and Ben Maher missing, and Now that the old guard, Nick Skelton, Whitakers, etc, are no longer on team, there seems to be a lack of enough good riders, or maybe horses, coming through. UK eventing and dressage are on fire. Lots of talent. Show jumping in UK seems rather lost. Holly...
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    WEG. Cross country course

    Watched lots of it. What an epic performance by team GB. In gold medal position! To watch show jumping which apparently has been postponed til Monday cos of weather, I downloaded bbc sports app. Scroll around to find equestrian sport and it was there. Really enjoyed it. Ian Stark is such a...
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    WEG dressage

    Yay Charlotte and freestyle. I was in tears with her! Love that she has a new fab partner. They will win on the big stage on another day.
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    WEG dressage

    Thanks very much milliepops! Means I can make dinner after all!
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    WEG dressage

    I’ve just found it too! Anyone know what time Charlotte might be on? And yes do like the commentary. Nick Luck has done well in his transition from racing world.
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    Burying horses at home

    Know someone who buried at home for terminally ill horse. They had hole dug day before. Vet did the deed next day by the grave so was easy to manoeuvre. Sad times but a nice way to keep them with you in memory. Hope it goes ok for all that are facing this.