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    It's that time of year again! Eventers

    So having just got into my first event of the season (Somerford) with my new horse, I am so so excited, if a bit nervous too. :D Tell me, which event do you have planned for your first of the season?
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    XC/Event shirts -where did you get yours?

    I have just ordered off customxc, hopefully my order will be with me by next weekend for my first event. Yikes, excited is not the word!
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    They do look quite good, but no experience I am afraid.
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    Market Research Please Help!

    Done, good luck with your venture!
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    BE retagging all hats this season

    Has BE given any particular reason for the tagging taking place again?
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    Ariat Bromont or brogini laced riding boots?

    I have a pair of the Brogini's and am only 5'4, I think the leg length is slightly long for me but I can ride in them comfortably. I don't find the zip a problem on these, but I did have a pair before when the zip bust, took them back to the shop as they were weeks old and got a new pair :-)
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    Good luck to everyone eventing

    Good luck everyone, cant wait to join you all :-)
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    And to think i dared to post in NL!

    Firstly, congratulations on jumping 2'6 after a year off :). Secondly, I think some people in NL can be more than fickle :0 Have you thought about doing some grid work, I often find my canter improves if i focus on doing a bounce followed by a stride and then a bounce. Or doing jumps across the...
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    Let's see your competition horses!

    Seen as I haven't posted in here for a while, here is my girl Playing in the sea [Content removed] At her first hunt last year Jumping at home We hope to do a bit of pre novice this year and end on novice, fingers crossed. Sorry the pictures seem to be getting progressively larger and larger :)
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    Please help- stray dog

    Good news!! Owner has been found, I'm very relieved and she was very happy to see her dog :) Thank you for all the helpful tips :)
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    Please help- stray dog

    Thanks Cayla, I can hang onto him. I have googled the number on his collar and it looks like he belongs to a teacher at a local school so I suppose if I have no response tonight I could phone the school tomorrow and ask for the owner.
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    Please help- stray dog

    I hope they haven't dumped him :eek: It is a very local number on his collar so I hope he is just lost and hopefully owners have just gone out for tea or something. I couldn't leave him on that road, the poor thing was zig zagging around the road looking truly terrified of cars flying past :(...
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    Please help- stray dog

    No chance of getting through to a dog warden tonight I'm afraid. I can hang fire on that for now. I'll keep calling the number over the next hour and see whether I get a response. p.s If anyone has a dog with a blue collar and used black permanent marker to put the number on please make sure...
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    Please help- stray dog

    :confused: Tonight I picked up a stray golden lab wandering on a very badly lit road, obviously frightened but very friendly when i got out and called him to me. His collar has a phone number on, which is very difficult to read as it is almost scrubbed off but I have left a message on the...
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    Advice needed, is it time to call it a day? Very long sorry

    I could recommend a good sj instructor should you need any?