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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    hhhhhm food for thought, thanks. I would need to somehow allow a mare and gelding track as they are grazed seperatley.... hmmm
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    Thanks, I appreciate the advice. Im a bit of a naturally 'feeder' so I have some work to do on finding a solution for the good doers, aside from using mine as the yard lawn mower! I think i need to get the whiteboard out and start experimenting with the electric...
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    thats getting towards a solution.. however, with mares and geldings seperate we would need a gelding and mare 'poor paddock'. The only hesitation is that the yard is fatty heavy so we would end up with the whole yard bar a couple of sport horses in the poor paddocks. Im getting a headache!
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    because that will restrict all if them (for eg mine is an enormous warmblood baby who needs all the space/grazing he can get). Its tough managing them together when they have such varying needs��
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    managing fatties on grass livery...

    Hi there, looking for help and advice from people who manage 'fatties' on grass livery. I am taking over a grass diy livery yard (14 horses), mostly good doer native types. There are two large mare/gelding summer fields and two large mare/gelding winter fields. The problem I am having...
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    SmartHorse Nutrition

    brillant in theory - i met with smart horse nutrition guy. quite expensive but i was very excited about it, however, horse ate it for a week then would not entertain touching it 😞. The only other one I cant get him to touch is Equimins AC pellets - but then opening the tub makes me heave...
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    What bit should I use?

    Kimblewick - great under rated bit and will lower head carriage
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    Can I be missing something other than pain???

    discomfort after a canter.. i would want to rule out gastric ulcers. (squamous splash ulcers in top of stomach can be painful with faster pace splashing acid about)
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    Professional to Re-back/bring on sympathetically?! SE

    Thanks. I am just finding it very hard to come by professionals who are that way inclined in the SJ/eventing world. I would ideally like him bought back into work and got going again by a more talented rider than myself but one who understands the way I like to have him treated and handled and...
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    Professional to Re-back/bring on sympathetically?! SE

    My 4year old 17.1 KWPN is currently turned away for winter after having treatment on some physical issues that arose shortly after backing (kissing spine/hock & stifle effusion/pain and bilateral hind psd). He will be ready to bring back into work in the new year and im considering utilising...
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    Kicking out in hind brushing boots

    My youngster was a problem wearing hind boots when he had suspensory problems
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    Ginger mares' reputation: fact or fallacy? Discuss!

    yes true in my experience. mine is a total sweetheart on the ground - not 'marish' in any way but incredibly sensitive/sharp and fizzy. and typical sensitive ginger skin (mud fever/scars as she doesnt heal well). every other one ive know has been hideous (but to be fair so has every other mare...
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    Ariat Bromont Calf Sizes

    i have bromonts in a 5.5. im technically a 6 but if i get the 6 it makes the legs too wide (reg width). the 5.5 reg are also a bit big - my legs measure about 13.5. ive now got volants in 5.5 slim leg snd they are perfect ☺️
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    Albion KB Bridle

    They are standard size (if you google you can get measurements). My full size horse wears full and extra full horse wears extra full
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    Height, weight and horse size

    5'4 and 10st 10. I have a 4yr old 17hh warmblood. I am happy weight wise but feel i would be a bit more effective with longer legs!