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    Seasonal rises with Cushings?

    Very unlikely that she's feeling extra chilled - she's as highly strung as they come! :p Hadn't thought of the coat change, she's getting towards the end of it now. She's always clung onto her coat so its reasonably early for her this year. No skin infections, or anything remotely wrong...
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    Seasonal rises with Cushings?

    My mare is on 1/2 a prascend tablet a day. Was tested just over 6 months ago and levels were fine (29.5 i think) had no problems, been absolutely fine in herself. Looks well, nice weight, she's been back to being a total nutter over the winter. Hyperactive, full of the joys of spring up until...
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    Anyone else's yard have a 'special' measuring stick??

    Yep - we have two that are both 15.1 nowhere near each other in height! My mare is 12hh dead on, she's been measured as anywhere from 11.2 to 12.2 depending on the day, oh and we have a 14.2 who is definitely not over 14hh. I've come to the conclusion that exact height is not an issue so...
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    Buy my mares prascend from them - fantastic service :)
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    Show Cob? (+ Small Update)

    This, he looks a bit too light to be in the cobs class to me too. Looks more mountain and moorland type!
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    Help finding a stallion!

    Yes, friend is well aware of that. Simply don't want to put her to a highly strung stallion too. Mare has lots of winnings, good bloodlines, and is easily enough to handle/ride just a bit spooky and a bit of a madam when in season - I'm not talking a monster here. Just not a novice ride type...
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    Who/where do you keep your horses passport?

    At home in bedside cabinet. I always take it for trips out in the lorry though and shows etc. Never been asked for it anywhere but the vets though!
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    Very worried ... youngster in Horspital

    Loads of vibes, must be awful being so far away x
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    Help finding a stallion!

    An all rounder really but the main focus will be jumping! Mare is fantastic, but quite highly strung so they would prefer a calmer stallion if possible
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    The dog that had all 4 legs operated on made me cringe, totally unfair on the poor dog! Especially when the cancerous lump was found. Really like Noel, and his obvious dedication to the job is incredible. I would trust him 100% with any of my animals. But think he does need to learn to say no...
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    Think my mini has lami

    Vet over farrier - not something to mess about with and pony will need painkillers which farrier cant give you anyway!
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    Do these things happen to you?

    Yep, its the fairies playing tricks according to my nan!
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    Help finding a stallion!

    This is on behalf of a friend, mare is a talented ex showjumper who has competed to grade B and is a warmblood by Ramiro B. Good breeding, very scopey jumper and has been with them for a long time. Foal will be to keep. They are looking for a stallion 16hh+, a good all rounder. Ideally a...
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    Insurance exclusions

    I'm not even halfway through the excess yet for the Cushings claim so would still cost me a fair bit and probably still not go over the excess so no point really! Have spoken to them today and they are saying its the "link" between the three. Colic and liver could "possibly" be lifted if they...
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    Insurance exclusions

    Have just had my renewal through from KBIS. Madam has had colic in the past (2 years ago, cause found (high liver enzymes) and treated so no reoccurrence) laminitis 5 years ago, was diagnosed with cushings in august last year. Insurance has excluded - Cushings and laminitis which i think is...