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    Totilas even has special shoes?!

    Haven't read the whole thread as it's too depressing but this is a great great post!
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    **Pedal Bone Rotation advice needed**

    Please read this article and print off and pass onto your vet: Pedal bone rotation is not the end of the line. I have clients with horses that have had rotation and are now back in work. I get so upset by hearing so...
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    Skin Hardening Cream/lotion

    Thanks guys - just what I needed :-)
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    Skin Hardening Cream/lotion

    One of my horses is getting a rub from a small lump near the back of his saddle. Lump has been there since I bought him, it's a small fatty deposit according to the vet and nothing to worry about but is in an awkward place. Saddle fit has been checked but since he was clipped the skin on the...
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    Ginge update at Rockley!

    Looking great! You can really see the difference between the new growth and the old growth. Fab :-)
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    Thrush & sheared heels

    Thrush starts as a dietry problem - that then gives the bacteria/fungus a chance to take hold in the frog. Sort out the diet first, then you can get on top of the bacteria/fungus and bingo! What's his diet now?
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    Barefoot and mental wellbeing

    If a horse is very sugar/starch sensitive then it's not just the feet that are affected. They are the most outwardly obvious sign that there is a problem i.e. in a horse without shoes the horse becomes footy when its system is overloaded with sugar, in a shod horse with their feet held off the...
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    bucked off again:(

    Try cutting out all alfalfa. Some horses just can't tolerate it. Fast fibre would be a good replacement feed. Even the HiFi contains some alfalfa. Worth a try removing it for a few weeks to see if behaviour improves
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    Barefoot and mental wellbeing

    I think the OP is missing the point. If a horse, after transitioning to barefoot, is still footy and to be sound needs grazing restricted then that isn't something putting shoes on will cure. The horse may appear sound but the shoes are simply masking the problem, not solving it. If someone...
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    Yard rental costs?

    Can't interest you in the share of a lovely yard in Shropshire? Horse walker, gallops on site (all weather and grass), national hunt training fences, fabulous hacking - all on a private estate.
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    Advice please for shoeing a chronic founder case

    Or, alternatively, someone may read this thread who is at the end of the line with their horse, give barefoot a try and end up with a sound happy horse.
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    Advice please for shoeing a chronic founder case

    My horses are endurance horses - I take them out everyday and compete all summer. They still have plenty of hoof left as growth = wear. I have clients with horses of all different types from shetlands to warmbloods to thoroughbreds. And if you look back at my post about Simon Earle and his...
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    Advice please for shoeing a chronic founder case

    I've had a read of their posts and I wouldn't draw that inference but I'm sorry you do. I certainly don't believe people who don't try barefoot can't be bothered. When I had shod horses it was firstly because I didn't know there was an alternative. Then when I started to hear about barefoot I...
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    Advice please for shoeing a chronic founder case

    Point me in the direction of the inference please?
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    Advice please for shoeing a chronic founder case

    But surely as a horse owner considering whether to use a chiropractor or a physio you would do some research into both, find out as much as possible and then make an informed opinion as to which you want to use? How else do you make a decision when faced with a choice?