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    Awful pony!

    I love him! I bet you can't help but smile at his antics (whilst secretly swearing to yourself about what a naughty little sh#tland he is) :D
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    Should I tell them?

    Hahaha are people really that stupid?! :P
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    What is your dog's favourite toy?

    Thanks for all the ideas guys, definitely going to check out some of these :) I bought her a Kong treat ball from amazon and she loves the ball, but had even more fun with the little cardboard box it came in! She's certainly a character :P
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    those on full livery - how often do you see your horse ?

    I moved from DIY for 5 years to full livery in March, and I must have only not gone up about 5 days since then! My mare has been on box rest too so I could have just let them see to her but she is my best buddy and I love seeing her every day. It is great though knowing that there is no pressure...
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    What is your dog's favourite toy?

    I have got a cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy called Rosa who is now 11 weeks old and is truly awesome and is helping to make me smile after losing Poppy (her half sister). I can't post a photo atm but she's on Instagram as @rosathecavalier if anyone wants to see her cute face! :P Anyway...
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    Where best to find a child's pony?

    Ask around at your local pony clubs and riding clubs, you may find a great pony that has been there and got the t-shirt. Asking your instructor if your son had one would be a good place to start too as well as obviously trawling the horse ads sites and local fb groups and pc message boards :)
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    Can't quite believe it

    He is lovely! Well deserved by the looks of it, well done :)
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    Horse Names

    How about Lacey or Lady? Or Rosa, which is slightly different from Rose. Have fun with her :)
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    Warning - Contains tiny puppy photos!

    Thanks guys :) Losing poppy absolutely broke my heart and I still end up randomly bursting into tears if someone mentions the accident when I'm not expecting it. I think I'm ready now to let little Rosa stamp her paws on my heart though hehe :) Going to see her again next Thursday so will update...
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    Warning - Contains tiny puppy photos!

    In december me and my best friend Poppy, my Cavalier KC Spaniel were hit by a car and sadly she didn't make it. Life has been utterly lonely and a bit pants without her. I told her breeder about what happened and she said Poppy's mum Lily was going to have her third and last litter this year...
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    Lunging with two reins? Photos?

    Damnation, what does the line coming over her back do? Just give extra 'support'? I've only ever lunged with a single line or long reined so I'm just curious as I've never seen a horse lunged like yours before :)
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    Would you leave? Help!

    Get out of there as soon as you can! Horses are to be enjoyed and this lady is making your time with your mare stressful and that's not on. Give your notice and find a new yard asap, you won't regret it :)
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    Horse Treats

    I've been feeding celery as a healthier treat, and it's super cheap too :)
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    Insurance for 'sharer'

    When I had a sharer I just got her to get herself basic rider insurance, I think she got it through petplan and it was pretty cheap. My mare is insured but I just wanted to cover all bases with the sharer being insured too. Your sharer sounds great, I hope it works out well :)
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    Horseback Safari (pictures)

    Is it bad that I have bookmarked this thread to remind me to show it to my boyfriend and drop some serious hints about ideas for our next holiday? :P All the photos look amazing, looks like great fun!