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    TB x Dales breed

    She sounds like she was absolutely lovely and a big character! Bless her. Some horses just come into your life and really do change things for you. I've been unlucky in the past with losing my confidence and not finding a suitable match for me but this girl has brought me back and I'm having so...
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    TB x Dales breed

    Wow she is a big girl! My girl is 14.3hh very petite! Sometimes from the side she looks to have a Roman nose, God knows why! On her papers it definitely says mum was dales and dad a TB .. Or the other way around I always forget! Fab breed though. The only thing she doesn't like is puddles! I...
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    TB x Dales breed

    Some pictures
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    TB x Dales breed

    I can't post any photos at the moment as using my mobile. I just wanted to see if anyone on this forum has any pictures of the above breed? My share horse is this breed and she is the most fantastic little mare ever!! She is so sweet, clever and most importantly so well behaved when ridden. I...
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    Bareback Riding

    I hacked bareback today! Pony is fab with saddle or without. However my balancing skills are awful! I could easily slide off the side doing a pace faster than walk lol.
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    What do people think to this foal?

    So the question is..... Are you buying her?!
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    Looking for horse share but confused about an ad

    Hi igglepop, did you go see this lady? How did it it go if so? Good luck with your search.
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    Loan / Riding Grimsby

    Hi I'm from Grimsby and I have used Cottagers Plot riding school in laceby. I know they can't always get to the phone so maybe pop in? They are friendly there. Not sure of any loans at the moment but I always see people advertising often on horses for loan and sale in grimsby on Facebook. Also...
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    Project: Spaghetti Legs

    She is lovely! You have done so well with her. Just shows what a bad or wrong person for a horse can do to it. You got there in time with your mare and she looks like she's thriving with her new life! Well done :)
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    Nostalga -- old magazines

    I'd love buy some copies of horse and pony! I was addicted to this magazine as a child
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    Pony ill - urgent ideas?

    So sorry to hear this :( stay strong xxx
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    Cob snobs need not apply>>>

    Totally with you! People are bonkers, critise the advert and try make the pony sound nothing then when the poor owner defends her pony she gets knocked for it! I am sorry but some of you are pathetic and really need to stop being so picky. The world would be so boring if we were all so perfect...
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    weird dreams about old horse

    I even have dreams / nightmares about my pet hamster I had as a child who died in 2000! I dream I go back to my old house and it's empty except for his hamster cage and I approach it slowly wondering if he's still going to be alive after not seeing him for all those years. It's quite freaky!
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    Very fat quarter horse..

    No help but have you got a pic of your QH? :) don't really get to see many of them here!
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    Aquila Sports Horses

    I know a lady who bought her mare from them earlier this year and she is a lovely little thing. Sold as described I believe and she adores her. She always has nice things to say about them.